The Glory

02/02/18: SNAP OUT OF IT! It was fringe-jacketed madness on Friday night at the Glory as Faggerston’s gypsies, tramps and CSM anthropology students descended on the pub for their much-lauded Cher-stravaganza. There were Cher shows, Cher wigs, Cher numbers…CHER CHER CHER! This is what The Glory lends itself to most – themed nights done with road-blocking, floor-filling, celeb-baiting confidence. This is how it’s done! Effortlessly, with the whip of an extension and the swigging of a jagerbomb. John Sizzle in a cape, Ma Butcher with a jaunty sailors hat, Grace Shush looking shocked in crushed velvet. Bish bash bosh, done. Jonny’s yer uncle, Cher’s yer aunt. Christ, can you imagine.

281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS

Photos by [HAWT!] Photography

Words by Dylan Jones

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