The Un-Royal After Party

04/11/17: As the kids say, The Glory was “lit” on Saturday night (liteth? No, nevermind) with East London’s glitterati, who all poured out of Jonny Woo’s queer comedic extravaganza Un-Royal Variety, for a rip-roaring afterparty at The Glory. Margot Marshall was there looking snatched and smouldering, Lavinia Co-Op was there looking salubrious and surprised, Holestar was there looking sumptuous and sequined, CHRISTEENE was there looking angry and addled, Bourgeoisie was there looking chequered and chastised…Basically, there were lots of people there, and they all looked like various things. The end. AND THEN THEY HAD SEX.

The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS

Photos by Lyla Johnston Words by Dylan Jones

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