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London has the world's most diverse late night gay scene. Mainly located around its three gay villages - Soho, Shoreditch and Vauxhall - there's a gay nightclub to suit every taste, with music policies ranging from R&B and pop to full-on funky house via more underground, edgier sounds. There are, of course, many one-off and special events that happen around town to keep a look out for. And if it's something more 'adult' that you're after, then there's a whole heap of men-only and fetish special interest clubs out there, too.
Mango Tree Mr &  Miss Ladyboy Carnival

Mango Tree Mr & Miss Ladyboy Carnival

12/09/14: The UK’s most high profile ladyboy contest might have been entering its second decade, but the buzz around it was still as fresh as ever.