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Issue 1154

As the UK reacts yet again to seismic shifts in politics, we emphasise the importance of remembering the persecuted gay men of Chechnya. Plus...

Issue 1153

It’s Pam Ann! We meet the outrageous high-flying comedian, plus an exclusive chat with Michelle McManus ahead of her new show.

Issue 1152

This week it’s a neon-spattered AS ONE special, with full listings of their hedonistic Easter weekend! Plus an interview with transgender superstar Lucy Fizz.

Issue 1151

This week, it’s the music issue! With an exclusive guide to living your best Lana Del Rey life in London, and a bumper two...

Issue 1150

This week we meet iconic Drag Race star Willam, and go behind the scenes at The Tate’s latest LGBT exhibition!

Issue 1149

This week, we meet Swedish superstar Mans Zelmerlow! Plus a review of Dalston Superstore's DISCO BRUNCH.

Issue 1148

This week, Lady Bunny gives us her most in-depth interview ever! Plus an exclusive Sex Circus preview and our usual hot takes on London's...

Issue 1147

Spring has sprung! Jump headfirst into the new season with our breakdown of the week’s best events. Click here to read it now!

Issue 1146

Meet Karnage! We hang out under a bridge with London’s hottest new gay rap star. Click here to read it now!  

Issue 1145

This week it’s all about iconic fashion muse Daniel Lismore. Lights! Models! Guestlist! Just do your best darling. Click here to read it now!

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Shawn gay

This gorgeous pole vaulter has just come out as gay

Canadian pole vaulter Shawn Barber announced yesterday morning that he is a homosexual! "Gay and proud!" he said in a Facebook post. "I continue to...

Exeter Pride sounds like it’s gonna be totes boho-chic, and we’re living for it

Never been to Exeter? Well you SHOULD. It sits between the ocean and the moors in Devon, one of the most beautiful parts of...

BBC announces new Gay Britannia season

The new season is in honour of 50 years since decriminalisation. Over the next couple of months, the BBC will be launching a melange of...

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