Our Top Picks for November in Manchester

    The QX Gay Manchester City Guide is your ultimate download-and-keep guide to Manchester’s vibrant LGBT scene; from the cobbles of Canal Street, to the bright lights of the Northern Quarter & beyond – Manchester’s Gay Scene really does have something for everyone and below are our top picks for Manchester, for the month ahead! 

    Our free monthly map is available across gay village venues, accommodation centres across Greater Manchester & tourist information centres in Manchester Piccadilly Train Station & Arndale Shopping Centre.



    DILF Manchester 9th of November

    Eagle Bar, 15 Bloom Street M1 3HZ
    It’s a Pre-HiBEARnation Special! You may not know this, but bears usually spend their winters passed out in a cave. Strangely, that’s usually how we wake up after a big night out at Eagle bar. DILF is the perfect place to grab yourself a man who’ll help you out with fulfilling that fantasy you had about your best friend’s dad. They’re celebrating all things mature, and know the value of an experienced guy.

    Cruz 101 Club Classics 17th of November

    Cruz 101, 101 Princess Street M1 6DD
    Taking you all the way back to the glory days of the club scene, having enlisted the talents of Ibiza regular DJ Tony Woof, the guys at Cruz 101 are giving you everything! From Dance to Clubland, down to the dark depths of Trance. Whip out your glow sticks and some fingerless neon, fishnet gloves: It’s time to get raving. Relive those days of pure clubbing euphoria.  

    Twerk’s 5th Birthday 30th of November


    Bar Pop, 10 Canal Street M1 3EZ

    They’re celebrating toddler-dom over at Bar Pop, where it’s been half a decade since booties dropped, and jiggled their way around the joint at TWERK. Everyone’s invited to head on down and drop it like it’s hawt. To celebrate they’re dishing out birthday cake to those serving CAKE. For anyone who possesses true talent at throwing their back out, there’s a £50 cash prize for the best twerk.


    Basement Complex Sauna

    18 Tariff Street, M1 2FN

    Smack bang in the midst of Manchester’s gay scene, you don’t need to leave the party to get yourself some steamy action. They’re open throughout the week, providing a place for us guys who need to unwind after a heavy week over at the office. Whether you’re looking for a long soak or a quick sweat, it’s a go to for those super busy business types to let off some well needed steam.

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    Take Your Pick Every Wednesday

    100 Bloom Street, M1 3LY

    Pegged as the campest gameshow in the Village, hosts Ginger Hunter and Anthem take over Bloom for a night of debauched buffoonery. Enter for your chance to grab yourself some booby prizes, some cash or (more importantly) a big ‘ol bar tab. DJ D-Lux is on hand to spin the wheel of fortune, and keep you two-stepping until the early hours. Just grab a drink behind the bar to enter.

    CLICK HERE to find out more about Bloom. 


    ON BAR

    46 Canal Street M1 3WB

    What would the weekend be without a healthy helping of drag? The English drag queen is an allusive creature, but every Friday and Saturday at ON Bar you’re sure to catch one in her natural habitat. Ruling the roost as always is Belinda Scandal, whose salacious behavior has made her an icon of the Manchester scene. This cabaret showbar is a go-to for grabbing your first tipple, and getting you giggly before a night on the town.

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