Our Top Picks for October in Manchester

    The QX Gay Manchester City Guide is your ultimate download-and-keep guide to Manchester’s vibrant LGBT scene; from the cobbles of Canal Street, to the bright lights of the Northern Quarter & beyond – Manchester’s Gay Scene really does have something for everyone and below are our top picks for Manchester, for the month ahead! 

    Our free monthly map is available across gay village venues, accommodation centres across Greater Manchester & tourist information centres in Manchester Piccadilly Train Station & Arndale Shopping Centre.



    Stay Scandalous – Every Weekend

    ON Bar, 46 Canal Street M1 3WD
    Smack bang on Canal Street sits the ON Bar where they’re always… well, ON! They Stay Scandalous every Friday and Saturday night with Belinda Scandal’s Sky Lounge, so remember to wrack up those Virgin air miles. Dear ‘ol Mz Scandal brings the children a live cabaret show every weekend at 10pm. She always gives you that old school of drag where every inch is rhinestoned, feathered and sequined, and knocking back vodka cranberries like she’s stockpiling pre-Brexit.


    98 Bloom Street M1 3LY
    Autumn means crinkly dead leaves and bare branches, but over in Bloom it might as well be spring! It’s always teaming with life with young things running amuck about the place. And these young things go HARD. Fresher’s week might be over, but with Manchester students the party never ends. They’re always up until the early hours, which means that Bloom is the place to be in the early hours. Thursday nights they feel THIRSTY with drinks from £2 until the music stops at dawn! 
    Basement Complex Sauna

    18 Tariff Street M1 2FN

    There’s nowhere better to de-stress after a long day at the office. Suits are just plain uncomfortable, so we’re always glad when we find ourselves a place we can head to, and let it all hang out. It’s always a super-friendly crowd to chill, and get all hot and sweaty with. It’s one of the best kitted-out saunas out there, where you’ll get to relax and decompress after Sharron from accounts breathing down your neck all day.


    Sunday Buffet – Every Sunday

    New Union Hotel & Showbar, 111 Princess Street, M1 6BJ

    You do know that every weekend has three nights right? Then why are you only going out on two of them!? We’re loving getting absolutely steamed on Sunday nights over at the New Union Hotel & Showbar knocking back those £3.90 doubles, shivering in anticipation for the 8pm show. They’ve got themselves a mad bunch of queens who always turn the party, and tear up that stage. Forget brunch, Sunday has always been and always will be Buffet day!

    CLICK HERE to find out more about New Union Hotel & Showbar.


    BRAWN – 13th October

    Eagle Bar, 15 Bloom Street M1 3HZ

    It’s hard out here for a bear, but Brawn always has our backs. A wild night for all us forest creatures, be we bears, cubs or chubs. The damn talented Rick Parker will be serving up those bops for you to mince over to that cute daddy bear who’s been making eyes at you ever since you walked in. For a while now Brawn has been rounding up the cutest bears in and around Manchester and once a month they take over the Eagle, and things get wild. Since entry’s free, the bar doesn’t stop pouring out those shots so these bears get damn merry.

    CLICK HERE to find out more about Eagle Bar Manchester. 


    Molly House

    26 Richmond Street M1 3NB

    This month we farewell with the summer, officially, and it’s time to whip out the knitwear, farewell with the rosé and cork open a bottle of red. There’s no more worrying about the summer body, it’s time to stock up for winter. There’s nowhere that gives you that Sunday night in front of the fire better than Molly House. It’s where the sophisticated gays have been hiding all summer, so it’s only time they’re re-discovered. Just a few feet from the madness of Canal Street, it’s a cozy joint where a bottle of merlot between friends can really cure those end of summer blues.

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