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Gay Chat Line Directory By QX Home of the Best Gay Chat

Gay Chat Line Directory The gay chat line directory below lists several gay chat line brands available for you to call accessible via numerous...
Qx Gay chat line

Gay Chat Line QXChat lets you have fun on the phone.

  QX offers three ways to call the QX gay chat line depending on whether you are using a mobile or land line, and if...
gay chat lines

Gay Chat Lines QX Gets The Low Down

We've been listening to some of the messages left by the thousands of guys who use gay chat lines found at the back of magazines...

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CRIKEY! A blowjob sent this teen to the ER.

A cautionary tale to all the size-queens out there. This poor guy found out the hard way that 10inches might be a pleasing visual,...

QX meets…Ryan Lanji

We meet the curator of Hungama, London’s kaleidoscopic queer Asian club night Ryan Lanji arrived in London from Canada with a dollar and a dream...

TRAILER: Boy Erased

The first trailer has just been released for upcoming gay conversion drama, Boy Erased. It's written and directed by Joel Edgerton, with an ensemble...

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