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Waggle your tail-fins, The Little Mermaid is coming to The Clapham Grand!

The Two Brewers might be closed for a refurb, but fear not #ClaphamGays, This Saturday in Clapham Junction over at The Grand it’s their...

Why does Disney hide its gay characters?

National Student Pride have released the second episode of their podcast, #QueerAF, and this time round are discussing Disney’s long history of including 'coded'...

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Daddy Issues DJ – Eric Bloom

We don't need to tell you what Daddy Issues is...SURELY you've heard of it by now. If you haven't, you should have.  They're a super...

REVIEW: Alternative Miss World 2018

RATING: ***** Words by Dylan B Jones Photo by Holly Revell One of the best lines in Tina Fey’s genius noughties sitcom 30 Rock, is when Elizabeth...

Haunted house experience under fire for staging mock rapes of male visitors

Talk about being tone-deaf, and taking things way too far. Fright Fest at Kim Tam Park is under fire after several male visitors to...

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