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Dylan & Jack’s 2015 A-Z of London Drag Queens

To mark the anniversary of their gay London podcast 'Dylan and Jack' we asked Dylan B Jones and Jack Cullen to give us their...

Let’s Talk About Gay Sex & Drugs – World AIDS Day

‘Let’s Talk About Gay Sex & Drugs’ hosts a World AIDS Day special, including a gay scene ‘Older & Younger Discussion of HIV’. Patrick...

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Australian Lqd skincare launch into UK in Harrods

Lqd skincare will be stocked in the UK for the first time from June 1st onwards, with their premium men’s products exclusively available to buy at...

Rhys’s Pieces

Jason Reid speaks to queer cabaret sensation Rhys Hollis One of the cabaret scene’s fastest rising stars, this week Rhys Hollis chats to Jason Reid...

A Tribute To Martyn Hett

Earlier this morning, Martyn Hett was reported as one of the victims of Monday night’s Manchester Arena attack. The feeling in the QX office, and...

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