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LGBT+ Dating Etiquette: Nobody Likes Rules, But They’re Better Than Being Rude

Dating is an absolute minefield, no matter who you're into. With the advent of online dating and the digital age, things are undeniably even...

Gay Chat Line Directory By QX Home of the Best Gay Chat

Gay Chat Line Directory  The gay chat line directory below lists several gay chat line brands available for you to call accessible via numerous numbers....
Qx Gay chat line

Gay Chat Line QXChat lets you have fun on the phone.

QX offers three ways to call the QX gay chat line depending on whether you are using a mobile or land line, and if...
gay chat line on mobile

Gay Chat Line on Mobile Flirt with a fitty

To access the QX gay chat line on mobile call the 5 digit shortcode Calls capped at 25p per minute TAP To Call 84466 18+. Calls to...
gay chat lines

Cheap Gay Chat Line Credit Card From QX Magazine

From 4p per minute. Call a cheap gay chat line credit card service. TO CALL THE CHEAPEST QX GAY CHAT LINE: If you’ve got a credit...
Gay Chat Line Directory Meet Men Now

Meet Men Now – Like It Says On The Tin!

MEET MEN NOW! Meet Men Now! With hundreds of loyal callers it’s proven to deliver what it says on the tin! Call from your landline! Only 7p...
Manhunt gay chat line

Manhunt Gay Chat – Where Real Men Hang Out

MANHUNT (TM) The Manhunt (TM) Gay Chat Line. 7p per minute. 0844 999 9988 18+ Calls to 0844 999 9988 cost 7p per minute plus you phone network’s...
Cheap gay chat line

Gay Chat Line FAQS Help on charges etc.

GAY CHAT LINE FAQS What are Service Charges and Access Charges? The cost of calling 084 numbers and 087 numbers is made up of two parts:...
gay chat lines

Gay Chat Lines QX Gets The Low Down

We've been listening to some of the messages left by the thousands of guys who use gay chat lines found at the back of magazines...

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