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Gay Shame & Sexuality

Continuing our series looking at gay shame & sexuality. By Nyasha Paragon Langley It’s 2015 and we live in a world that tolerates us but...

Blue and yellow makes green

Visibility and representation of black and minority ethnic men (BME) within the gay community is a key issue in a new report from Public...

The Gay Poets of London

Six gay poets living in London share their beats, rhymes and visions  'Haus Ov La'Bixta' - Anthony Gilét, 24 Haus OV La'Bixta, not Haus of Gaga, The Fame...

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QX Meets…Moto Blanco

The international DJ talks beats and booze! Moto Blanco are one of London’s biggest and best DJ duos! They’ve got a real ear for music...


Gaspar Noe’s latest work is a beguiling assault on the senses “Going nowhere fast, we’ve reached the climax/We’re together, now we’re undone”: the words of...

The QX Weekly Playlist – XXL 18th Birthday

It's XXL's eighteenth birthday on Saturday and the XXL team have sent over a selection of songs to get you in the mood! Listen below.    

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