The Love Witch is a beguilingly ridiculous feast for the eyes

The Love Witch is a beguilingly ridiculous feast for the eyes

This flagrantly fragrant new indie/horror satire isn’t just daring, it’s got a bloody cheek
Look, It's Myra!

Look, It’s Myra!

Like a zebra print-painted, gin & tonic-helmed ship in the Soho night, our comedy roast of Myra DuBois grows ever closer. It’s only A WEEK AWAY. Things are really hotting up. Apparently Theresa May’s coming as Myra. She’s bought a camp wee fascinator and everything. 
We’re Roasting Myra DuBois!

We’re Roasting Myra DuBois!

LOOK WHAT WE’VE DONE! We’ve committed what could either be social scene suicide, or will be absolutely major or both. Either way, it’ll be insanely entertaining. We’re roasting She Who Shall Not Be Roasted. No-one before us has dared! Not even Baga Chipz, and she’s mad. She’d roast Lisa Lampenelli. She’d roast a turnip!


We couldn’t stand up after La Pelopony’s latest music video

by Dylan Jones   And neither could she probably, if that screenshot's anything to go by.  We LOVE La Pelopony. She's a mermaid-haired superstar Spanish songstress, who wouldn't look out of place on all fours on the bar at Dalston Superstore. She can quite simply DO. NO. WRONG. And this music video which came out today only enforces that claim. Like...we can't. Sorry, we can't We've had to turn it off. It's too much. Come back to us in 2017. Also La Pelopony, let us know when you're next out in London, we want to take you on a night out babe! We're thinking Dalston Superstore, then Savage, then East Bloc, with a pit stop at Chicken Cottage for some wings. 
It’s Time We Talk About Gay Sex And Consent

It’s Time We Talk About Gay Sex And Consent

At 16 years old, before I even came out, I was attacked and raped in my own bed by one of my colleagues. At 17, I struggled. At 18, I still struggled. At 19, I put my foot down and found myself writing about my experience, frustrated by the silence around rape amongst men.


Congratulations to the Wachowski Sisters!

By Dylan Jones                                       The second Wachowski sister has come out as trans!  Following her sister Lana coming out publicly in 2012, Lilly has now announced she's trans too. Together they're possibly best-known for directing the Matrix trilogy. They also wrote screenplays for other sci-fi blockbusters like Jupiter Ascending and Cloud Atlas - both amazing movies! They also wrote Netflix's phenomenal Sense8. Unlike Lana however, the circumstances under which Lilly has revealed her new identity have been controversial. She came out in a statement to Chicago's Windy City Times, and in her statement said she'd been coerced by the media. A certain notorious publication we've all heard of: Last night while getting ready to go out for dinner my doorbell rang. Standing on my front porch was a man I did not recognize. 'This might be a little awkward,' he said in an English accent. I remember sighing. He proceeded to explain he was a journalist from the Daily Mail. Well, well, well. This probably doesn't come a shock to anyone. Congratulations Daily Mail, for upholding your reputation. This really does take the biscuit though. While coercing someone to come out as transgender is regrettably legal (just), it's morally reprehensible. However, Lilly is far stronger and cleverer than them, and is hopeful for the future: Queerness is essentially about the rejection of a here and now and an insistence on potentiality for another world. So I will continue to be an optimist adding my shoulder to the Sisyphean struggle of progress and in my very being, be an example of the potentiality of another world. Well said Lilly! We look forward to many more great films in the future.  Oh by the way, the Daily Mail published their article, and here is the top-rated comment. Sums it all up really:    

Happy International Women’s Day!

It's International Women's Day! As gay men, it's an important thing for us to acknlowedge and respect. Many of us grew up supported only by women, whether they were our mothers, maths teachers or Madonna. In today's society, women are still hugely discriminated against, in some ways more than gay men.

So in honour, we've made a list of our favourite women! We've tried to make it varied, but inevitably they all have one thing in common...they're all FABULOUS.

Charli XCX

Charli is a great example of a confident, empowered, talented young woman, and she sets a great example for her legions of young fans. SUCKER was an absolute banger of a pop album, and now she's starting her own record label, signing a host of other talented young women. Last year she made a great documentary for BBC3 about feminism in pop music. 

  Laverne Cox                             Another formidably powerful woman! She's overcome a lot of adversity and opposition to get to where she is today, and we applaud her. She's best known for her role in hit Netflix show Orange Is The New Black, and she'll be playing the lead role in a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture show, out later this year.   Hillary Clinton                             Hillary Clinton is going to win the US election and by doing so, save the world. The alternative is too terrible to imagine. When she wins (not if, WHEN), she'll become the first female president in history. Another major turning point for the history books of American and world politics. Hilary is a formidable force in all areas, but she's possibly best known for championing equality and women's rights.   Mutya Buena                           Totes the best member of the Sugababes. She loves a hoop earring. Also, Song 4 Mutya, absolute banger.   Julia Davies                     A complete comedic genius. Responsible for Nighty Night, a cult gay fave! In fact, the RVT are doing a screening of series one on the 16th. She's got a new show coming out in a couple of months on Sky Atlantic called Robin's Test, about three couples on holiday in Dorset. Knowing Julia it'll be deliciously dark. Can't wait!     Wendy Williams                       Oh Wendy. A MESS. We love her! She says some stupid shit sometimes, but she's entertaining, hilarious, and has some interesting and empowering views on the role of women and more than that, the role of black women. How you doin' Wendy?    Stacey in Accounts                                 The only female in the QX office! She could (and frequently does) drink us all under the table. She likes holidays in Ibiza, salads from Pod, and yoga. Love you Stace! xoxo

EMERGENCY: It’s a new Chloe video!

If you're not familiar with Drew Droege's iconic parodies of indie film actress slash fashion designer slash consumer of organically sourced Freetrade desserts Chloe Sevigny, then it's time to educate yourself. And if you're not familiar with Chloe Sevigny, GO TO HER IMDB PAGE AND PACK A LUNCH (get the reference Drew?). This series of camp cult classic videos are perfect to watch whilst spilling vodka and laughing like a dancing church mouse at five in the morning. She does everything from rediscovering oregano, to avoiding the colour white. She once attended the Third Annual Memorial For Ideas, sponsored by Acura, Prilosec and Goghurt Squirts. We want to go to that. The most exciting thing we've attended lately was the opening of this browser window. Anyway in THIS one, she educates us on the many faults of litter. Which means "A cluster of young born to a mammal". It also means trash.

Words by Dylan Jones

See more Chloe videos here.


So there’s a Twitter account called “Twinks 4 Trump”

  Hahahaha! This is our new favourite thing. Something like this was bound to happen at some point.

Nadine Coyle Career Retrospective

By Dylan Jones