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Soho Theatre Alternative Gala

The Soho Theatre are showcasing some of their best acts in a kaleidoscopically camp fundraiser Located in all its neon finery in the middle of...

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Beyond Carnival

Feathered frivolity and kalleidoscopic hedonism - welcome to Beyond Carnival  MARTIN & ZACH Martin: This Easter Saturday, we’re taking you on a twelve hour trip around the...
Ready Player One

Ready Player One – LGBT characters, Deliveroo drones and glossy mediocrity make Spielberg’s latest...

There hasn’t been a movie like Ready Player One for a while. In a market dominated by the smarmily grinning mask of Marvel, most...

#JULIASAYS – Discerning scene musings of the princess of East London!

It’s all about communication this week! We’ve all got an opinion about something somewhere and we all want to tell the world what we’re...

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