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Soho Theatre Alternative Gala

The Soho Theatre are showcasing some of their best acts in a kaleidoscopically camp fundraiser Located in all its neon finery in the middle of...

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Idris Elba’s opening a cocktail bar in Soho

Today in VERY LONDON news - actor, director, tux-wearer, part-time DJ and generally GORGEOUS MAN Idris Elba, is opening a cocktail bar. We love Idris,...

Trump cuts almost $6m from HIV/AIDS program

In an attempt to cover the cost of children who were left without their parents under Trump's administration, money will be cut from funding of HIV/AIDS...

QX Meets… Moto Blanco

The international DJ talks beats and booze! Moto Blanco are one of London’s biggest and best DJ duos! They’ve got a real ear for music...

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