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Watch the trailer for new gay series I’m Fine

The second season of acclaimed gay pocket-series I’m Fine was released last week on Dekkoo.com and you can catch the trailer above. It continues...

The Best Bitches in Television

BECAUSE, we’re the most well-respected magazine in the universe, we’ve decided to live up to our reputation by writing a really important, politically exigent,...

Top Buffy Moments

If you were conscious during the late nineties or early noughties (sorry Terry Schiavo) then you probably watched at least one episode of Buffy...

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Eagle celebrates fourteen years of clubbing!

The iconic Vauxhall venue is over a decade old One of Vauxhall’s best-known destinations celebrates over a decade of clubbing! In the words of famous early...

How to Lure a Bear This Valentine’s Day

With honey? With hair? With hairy honey? This weekend, XXL is turning the dimmer switch down a notch and popping on some Sade, because it’s...

#JULIASAYS – Discerning scene musings of the princess of East London!

It’s show time! There are all sorts of shows going on this weekend - not only because it’s London Fashion Week but there’s also...

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