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After Christmas and you’ve left your family and turkey stuffing behind, you’re back at home and desperate to get geared-up, break out and have some good kinky fun.

Keep the holiday party going with the Recon team as they return to Vauxhall’s infamous club Fire for their annual end-of-year holiday dance and sleaze fest! Recon’s Full Fetish parties are renowned not only for their legendary darkroom mazes and cruising areas but also for their hot, stylish and innovative DJs. We caught up with three of the men on the decks in question to find out why they love playing Recon and what sounds they’ll be dropping on the night…

Massimo Paramour

“I’ve been contacted by the guys at Recon to open the night for the next Full Fetish party. This will be my first experience with them and I’m really looking forward to it. My task will be to get all the guys in a horny, sweaty state, by delivering some sexy dirty beats. Such a great challenge. I’m sure it will be a fun night!”

Top 3 Pervy Tunes

1. Todd Terry vs Simone Vitullo ft Vjuan Allure – ‘Let Yourself Go’ (Simone Vitullo back to the future 90s mix)
Perfect warm-up track with sexy bass-line and deep atmosphere.

2. Pirupa – ‘Let’s Get It On’ (original mix)
I love this track’s groove, with its hypnotic riff and sensually charged vocals.

3. Eric Sneo – ‘The Die Has Cast’
This is pure sex translated into music! Love it!

Gordon John

“Playing Pig Party Berlin is one of my favourite Recon Full Fetish memories. It was off the scale crazy fun in this huge museum-type building with some of the hottest men I have ever seen anywhere. I love working alongside Phillip, Antoin, Joffrey, Alex and the team, a bunch of amazing guys to work with and the friendliest guys to be around for almost six years now. Recon parties are well run and managed, every aspect is thought about. The crowd is more of a man’s crowd, the guys are friendly and very relaxed and nobody is falling around like a hot mess.”

Top 3 Titillating Tracks

1. Mijail – ‘Chocolate Mambo’
The track sounds sexy, this adds a bit more groove. Up loud it rocks. Am addicted to this one.

2. D. Ramirez – ‘Devi8tor’
Dirty bassline, torture style vocals and the stabs scream sex. It’s a hot sweaty mess.

3. Jay Lumen – ‘Strange Fruit’
This sounds steamy, has lots of sexy little sounds coming in and out and is a sexually charged track.

Hifi Sean

“I love playing for Recon and have done for many years now, as far as places like San Francisco and Belgium. In fact, Antwerp was one of my favourites, an amazing party in a raw warehouse space down by the docks, so seedy.
There was this guy whose fetish it was to dress in lights: he made a full armour body suit with thousands of lights on it and a huge phallic illuminated penis.
He danced proudly on the podium all night long and even brought a spare battery pack just in case it ran out. Now, that is forward thinking!”

Hifi Sean’s Hot 3

1. Tom Neville – ‘Just Fuck’ (Hifi Sean mix)
This track basically says what it is on the tin.

2. Roger Sanchez – ‘Lost’ (D.Ramirez mix)
Classic track for late night fetish parties as it’s one of the coolest electro house records ever made.

3. 2000 and One – ‘Spanish Fly’ (Butch remix)
Moans and groans and best drum fills ever over a monotone riff that drills into your head and you get lost in. Pure sex.

• Recon Full Fetish is on Friday 27th December at Fire (Arch 39, Parry Street, Vauxhall, SW8 1RT), advance tickets £20, £25 OTD. 10pm-6am.

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