Six awesome Las Vegas gay bars you have to see!

Las Vegas Gay Bar

Las Vegas gay bars! The city that rose from the Nevada desert in a towering burst of flickering neon, glittering casinos and self-consciously glamorous hotels.

Over the top in an unabashed and quintessentially American way, Las Vegas is glamorous gluttony and desert debauchery at their most extreme and unignorable. Of course, it’s most famous for its thriving gambling industry. The whirring wheels and felt-topped tables have provided the backdrop for countless books, songs and movies.

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If you DO fancy a venture to Las Vegas and you’ve got some spare dollar, here’s a handy guide to the salacious city’s gay venues. It’s not explicitly known as a gay holiday destination, but like any large city, there’s a varied and colourful gay scene if you know where to look. So here it is, our gay guide to Vegas!



The Garage is the chilled out gay bar

A chilled out, post-work drinks sort of place, The Garage is all about welcoming vibes and fun gossips with friends. They even do food from a mouth-watering menu, including chilli cheese fries, cheeseburgers, chicken wings or their trademark Garage Street Tacos – pork carnitas with fresh pico de gallo and homemade green salsa. Head to their website for more info.

Piranha gay bar is the mad party one

Las Vegas gay bar
A gay club with BITE! Unassuming at first appearances, it’s a haven of hedonism inside, with a state-of-the-art soundsystem, a high octane dancefloor, and more glow sticks than you can shake a…glow stick at? This is the place to be if you love a mad party vibe and wanna dance the night away! It’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So you really CAN dance the night away. You can dance SEVEN nights away. Without stopping. But we wouldn’t advise that.

Fun Hog Ranch is the leather Las Vegas gay bar

This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed home. And THIS little piggy went to a raucous Las Vegas leather bar and got off with a muscle daddy named Brent! Yes, Fun Hog Ranch is a cheap and cheerful gay dive bar, for those with a penchant for cheap booze and leather-clad lotharios. And let’s face it, that’s ALL of us. Apparently the bar staff affectionately refer to their punters as “little piggies”. Well, ok then!

The Phoenix Bar & Lounge is a bit of a camp bar

Las Vegas gay bar

The Phoenix is a pleasingly bizarre combination of big camp gay bar and chilled out arcade. There’s a dancefloor where you can shimmy away to Cher, but earlier on in the night it doubles as a lounge area, complete with a projector screen and games consoles, where you can play Nintendo fan favourites like Smash Bros and Mario Kart. Major! Its exterior is hard to miss, an ostentatious, fiery phoenix flapping across a pair of double doors.

Bastille is a great basecamp gay bar in Las Vegas

Bastille has a tangible whiff of history to it. It is located on the site of the legendary Snick’s, Vegas’s oldest gay bar. The only gay bar located slap bang in the middle of Vegas’s downtown area, it’s great for stumbling into before (or after) an indulgent night out on the town. Open until 2am every day of the week, it also makes a great basecamp if you don’t know the city too well. Hunker down with some peanuts and a pint, and plan your next move!

Badlands Saloon is the cowboys gay bar

The deliciously named Badlands Saloon is a THEMED BAR. And yup, you guessed it partner, the theme is cowboys! The concept of a themed bar is quite alien (and a bit naff) to us Brits, but Americans love ’em. They can be a right laugh if you cast inhibitions to the winds and get involved. There’s stetsons, there’s line-dancing and we don’t actually know this for certain, but we’re willing to be there’s a mechanical bull. YEE-HAW!

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