Why Poppers are Banned?

Poppers refer to a liquid chemical (alkyl nitrites) that make the user high when inhaled. They have other names such as liquid gold and butyl nitrite. The effects of inhaling poppers are instant, which include increased heart rate, headaches, and warm sensations. Initially, doctors used to prescribe amyl nitrite to patients with heart conditions. Currently, people use it to treat cyanide poisoning. They’ve always been popular in the gay community for recreational use.

The Effects Of Poppers And Their Side Effects

Inhaling poppers boosts blood flow in your body, which leads to effects such as: A sense of euphoria Increased skin sensitivity and sex drive A head-rush that continues for a few seconds Because poppers act as vasodilators, they can expand blood vessels. And having dilated blood vessels leads to: An increased heart rate, warm sensations, dizziness, lightheadedness, a sudden decrease in blood pressure. Sniffing the drugs can also leave the user with unwanted side effects such as: a severe or mild headache, nosebleed, becoming uncoordinated, chest pains or feeling faint and sick. Since poppers can relax the walls of the vagina/anus and increase blood flow, some people inhale it while having sex. Other users state that poppers make their orgasms much more intense and their erections stronger. On the contrary, for some gay men, the effects are the opposite. They state having challenges getting an erection once they sniff poppers.

Where Are Poppers Purchased From?

You can buy poppers online or from head shops. Similarly, you can find them for sale in some sex shops, joke shops, and at times in pub tobacconists.

Why Poppers Are Categorized As Illegal Drugs

Sniffing poppers can lead to potentially dangerous effects, like a rapid and irregular heart rate. Sniffing poppers can as well cause risky sexual behaviour and serious eye or brain damage.

Countries That Have Banned Poppers


In the US and UK selling Amyl Nitrite with no prescription is illegal. However, it is legal to use. Although, it is not difficult for many users to go via online and search for available poppers UK or US sellers. Currently, poppers run in the legal “grey area” in Australia. The sale of amyl nitrite or any product containing it is illegal. This is because the drug poses side effects on people with glaucoma or other pre-existing medical conditions. In France, selling products that have butyl nitrite is prohibited based on its dangers to consumers. In Switzerland, Austria, and Germany, the trade, sale or purchase of amyl nitrite with no permission is not allowed.