This Instagram account is dedicated to the DILFs of Disneyworld


If you’ve ever taken your younger brothers or nephews (or whatever children you’ve found yourself yoked with) to an amusement park, you’ll know full well that the best part of the whole day is checking out the daddy talent. They all come out to play, looking a sexy mix of flustered, ready to lean against some railing while their kids are meeting Spongebob… or whatever. 

Having caught on to this phenomenon of hot fathers in amusement parks, one account is sharing their hottest finds. The Dilfs of Disneyworld account brings together a chronicle of the big burly daddies that travel over to the happiest place on earth. Their collection of images has you seriously thinking of a way of heading over to Disneyworld by yourself without looking creepy.

Thankfully, you don’t really have you, as these guys glitter your feed with the hot daddies of Disneyworld. Here are our top picks:

Ripped Daddy

(Source: Instagram @dilfs_of_disneyworld)

We thought that your body went to hell once you had kids? This guy’s keeping that dad bod at bay.


Ninja Turtle Dad

(Source: Instagram @dilfs_of_disneyworld)

Even Mickey can’t keep his hands off of those broad shoulders. Turtle Power!


Balloon Daddy

(Source: Instagram @dilfs_of_disneyworld)

Tattooed, stubble and wearing ripped jeans. This is a bad boy daddy who still enjoys big balloons and cotton candy.


Pink Muscle Daddy

(Source: Instagram @dilfs_of_disneyworld)

It looks like pushing prams is one hell of an exercise. We’d have kids if it meant having arms like this.


Daddy Next Door

(Source: Instagram @dilfs_of_disneyworld)

A half smile and a half pint of beer. A lovely sunset is all that this daddy needs to keep him happy.


Buzz Cut Daddy

(Source: Instagram @dilfs_of_disneyworld)

Why curl with dumbbells when you can curl with tiny princesses? He’s too busy to have a hairstyle to maintain, but not too busy to let that body slide. 


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