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After the success of their participation in the last few Pride in London festivals, ScotsCare are back again this year, spreading the word about their work supporting low-income and homeless Scottish people living in London.

Offering a range of services, ScotsCare are taking Pride in London as an opportunity to focus on LGBTQ+ people in the London Scottish community who need support, or anyone looking to get involved with lending a helping hand.  

ScotsCare are a charity dedicated to offering financial, practical and emotional support to 1st and 2nd generation Scots in London and the surrounding areas.

They support their clients with a wide range of services from financial support, advocacy, homelessness, counselling (which includes drug and alcohol misuse support) to sheltered housing, training and job coaching and much more. 

Time and time again studies show that LGBTQ+ people tend to suffer more with their mental health, with social isolation often being an impacting factor. It is noted that the numbers of LGBTQ+ people who suffer loneliness is wildly disproportionate.

ScotsCare will at Pride In London 2024

ScotsCare has seen great success in providing social spaces for older Scottish people to get together to socialise in a positive environment, with free events for the over 50s, including a monthly lunch in London and Luton.

The ScotsCare choir, which has been going since 2018, sees people of all ages coming together and is open to all those looking to get involved in the charity.  

If you are a Scot in London and in need of some support, or you know of someone who could benefit from their services, contact ScotsCare on 0800 652 2928 or send an email to  

Get involved with ScotsCare

If you’re looking to get involved with the charity by giving your time, then there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer, from helping with their social events to being a Blether Buddy Befriender.

As with any charity, donations are always welcome through their website, no matter how much you have to give.

ScotsCare will be in Soho Square on Saturday, 29 June, from 12:00 – 7:00 pm. Come and say hello!

To find out more about this charity, visit 

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