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Bisi Alimi

Bisi Alimi is one of the civil rights heroes of modern times. With a television interview that scandalized a nation, he brought gay visibility into...

Asylum in the Scene

Gay venues have long been hailed as safe spaces for the community - and rightly so. But not everyone is benefitting from the sanctuary...
queer bar in East London.

Uganda: Sanctions urged against homophobic leaders

Peter Tatchell advises on the Ugandan situation: 'Travel ban & assets freeze. Switch aid but don’t cut it'   London,UK - 25 February 2014 Responding to the...
queer bar in East London.


Austerity cuts in the UK are affecting the LGBT community adversely, especially amongst its younger population in a capital as expensive as London. An...

The Alternative Queen’s Message: Jonny Woo

What a year! What can I say? Gay marriage! Tom Daley has fallen in love with, er, pause and frown, a man. Michael Douglas channels an amazing...

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