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Posted on November 18, 2015

Sat 28th Nov: World AIDS Day Extravaganza at Bloc Bar

Bloc Bar are doing a super duper drag-fuelled, love-fuelled and, yes, admittedly, BOOZE fuelled extravaganza for World AIDS Day. There’s a kaleidoscopic set of performers, and so many outfits, craziness and sequins, that it’ll make Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball look like a primary school nativity play. There are loads of QX faves in the performer line-up, including Silver Summers, Virgin Xtravaganzah and Baga Chipz. We hear it’s gonna be packed so get there early!

18 Kentish Town Road, NW1 9NX. Doors 6pm, show 7pm. £5 entry.


Sun 29th Nov: The Two Brewers

In true Two Brewers style, The Two Brewers are recognising World AIDS Day by throwing a MASSIVE FUCKING PARTY. It’s in collaboration with the Wandsworth LGBT Forum, and all money made on the door is going to charity. It’ll be hosted by sassy singing siren La Voix, and queen of cyanide and cynicism, Myra DuBois. Other performers include Baga Chipz (she’ll batter your sausage for 80p, etc etc), Sum Ting Wong (cattiness in a kimono), Kara Van Park (something about being camp as a row of tents) and Sandra (whore of Hampstead). What a lineup!

114 Clapham High Street, SW4 7UJ. 4pm – 3am. Donation before 7pm, £4 after.


Mon 30th Nov: Chemsex at Clapham Picturehouse

In a particularly meaningful recognition of World AIDS Day, Clapham’s lovely little cinema, Clapham Picturehouse, is putting on a special a screening of VICE’s revolutionary documentary Chemsex. We’ve all heard the word “chemsex” by now, and heard all about how it links to HIV and rising diagnoses. So it’s a particularly prudent issue to be thinking of. There’ll be a live Q&A afterwards with the film’s directors Will Fairman and Max Gogarty, as well as 56 Dean Street’s chemsex expert David Stuart. Tickets are selling fast!

76 Venn Street, SW4 0AT. 8:30pm. 


Mon 30th Nov: Ku Bar World AIDS Day Auction

Glamorous Sohocialites Ku Bar are throwing an auction for World AIDS day! Proceeds go to The Food Chain Charity, which ensures that people living with HIV in London get the right nutrition. Even the best of us get tempted by JustEat on a Sunday night don’t we. The prizes in the auction include lunch for two at exclusive restaurant L’Escargot, a private box with champagne for any West End show, and (omg) a two-day four-star vineyard trip to Lake Garda in Italy. Oh and the chance for a date with one of the bar staff. That alone is reason enough to go. Have you seen them?!

30 Lisle Street, WC2H 7BA. 6pm onwards. 


Tue 1st Dec: G-A-Y World AIDS Day Challenge

Clubbing leviathans G-A-Y along 56 Dean Street are attempting something pretty amazing for World AIDS Day. If 1000 people get tested either at G-A-Y Bar on Old Compton Street, or its sister venue over in Manchester, they’ll donate £10,000 to Elton John’s AIDS Foundation. 1000 people finding out their HIV status in one day, is something that would be an instantaneous and very real contribution to our fight against HIV and AIDS in this country.

30 Old Compton Street, W1D 4UR. 1pm – 8am. 


Tue 1st Dec: World AIDS Day Blind Date at The Glory

Those kids at The Glory are continuing the success of the HIV Blind Date night they threw a couple of months ago with a World AIDS Day special! Yes! So…what’s your name and where do you come from? We bet your name is Hugo and you come from an ex-council flat in Hackney via your parents’ place in Hertfordshire. You got into Central Saint Martins to do a graphic design course but then dropped out to do an unpaid internship at VICE. You like gin, Marvel movies and rimming. SEE! WE KNOW YOU! WE KNOW ALL OF YOU!

281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS. Doors 5pm, show 8pm. £5 entry.


Tue 1st Dec: Deconstructed at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern

Iconic, dusky scene stalwart RVT are putting on a special concert for World AIDS Day. Loads and loads of acts doing classic songs to launch new album Deconstructed and to support of gay men’s health charity GMFA. Acts performing include Aaron Alexander, Angie Brown (we’ve seen her before and she’s super camp!), Ben Brown and Aruan Duval.

372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY. 7pm – 11:35pm.


Soho Square Bar 

One of Soho’s newest offerings, Soho Square Bar is nestled on a corner Central London’s popular lunching spot, Soho Square! We would never have guessed. Inside it’s a perfect winter watering hole. Warm flagstone flooring. Flickering lamps. Tankards of beer. And one of the barmen is Kit Harrington. No he’s not that’s a lie. But the bar staff ARE gorgeous. And so is the ambience. They also do food. They do honey and whiskey glazed pork belly squares *salivates*

11 Soho Square, W1D 3QE. 


Bridge Bar

There are lots of different bars in Clapham. There’s an arthouse cinema bar that serves cheese platters. There’s some public toilets that have been turned into a bar. There’s a bar that’s been turned into some public toilets. And there’s even a bar under a bridge! Yes! Bridge Bar. The clientele of Bridge Bar are always insanely hot. We don’t know why. Just another of our great and powerful city’s wonderful enigmas. On Friday 27th They’re launching new night On My Mind, with DJs from 8pm reduced shots and other drink deals and stuff. Wooo!

8 Voltaire Road, SW4 6DH. 



You certainly WON’T be the only gay in the village at this glittering Soho venue, because it’s super gay! In fact, if you brought a straight mate, he’d probably be the only STRAIGHT in the Village. He’d maybe get all insecure and turn his walk into a swagger and start saying things like “bruv” and “football” a lot. Actually that’s not fair. All the straight men WE know are fashionable, sensitive and listen to Kate Bush. Basically gay men who happen to fancy women. And that’s as it should be. Anyway, go to Village whether you’re straight, gay, bisexual, asexual or whatever. It’s great. This Friday 27th and Saturday 28th they’re celebrating Thanksgiving in style with Giving Thanks, featuring special DJs, acts and drinks deals in association with Jack Daniels.

81 Wardour Street, W1D 6QD. 


George & Dragon

Ye olde gay boozer George & Dragon is in Greenwich! Which is the home of Greenwich Meantime. And Meantime Pale Ale. And there’s also a Nandos there. And half of it gets blown up in the Thor movie. ANYWAY, George and Dragon’s lovely. Friendly atmosphere, comfy seats, and some of the city’s best drag acts, from old school scene favourites like Miss Jason, to talented tarts like Baga Chipz. This Saturday 27th it’s Titti La Camp who has an insane act where she lipsyncs to Feed The Birds whilst hurling bread at the audience, lolz.

2 Blackheath Hill, SE10 8DE. 


The Old Ship

Captain Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean would love The Old Ship. Can you imagine. At the bar biting into an apple with his arm around Keira Knightley. “Ye’d best start believin’ in gay bars Miss Turner…YER IN ONE!” Lol. The Old Ship is, as the name suggests, one of East London’s oldest gay venues, steeped in history, character and beer mats! Forever immortalised in the pages of QX Magazine. And in the handbag of Saucy Sophie, who’ll be doing her trademark catty cabaret this Sunday 29th!

17 Barnes Street, E14 7NW. 


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