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Posted on October 19, 2016

Comptons of Soho

We will always have a soft spot for Comptons at QX. Before some of us worked at QX, during the lunch break of an office job we detested, we would come into Comptons to read our book and have a pint for an hour, before trudging back to our desk. And that’s the thing about Comptons; it’s pretty chameleonic. The timely elegance of the upstairs lounge is a great place to recline and watch Soho’s finest mince up Old Compton Street, whereas the more old-school bar downstairs has more of booze and cruise feel, especially when the super selection of DJs are on. This week, they’ve got Tasty Tim for his weekly takeover on the Thursday.

51-53 Old Compton Street, W1D 6HN


George and Dragon

We’re going to presume you’ve all seen the new Bridget Jones by now. If you haven’t, hand in you homo passes please. If you have, you’ll remember the scenes set in Greenwich Park where she tells her Dad she’s preggers. Well, a stone’s throw (if you’ve got an especially good throw) away from the bench where Bridget ACTUALLY sat is the George and Dragon pub, a graceful stalwart of the South London gay scene. As well as being a great place to grab a drink in one of the more scenic corners of London, they’ve also always got a fabulous schedule of cabaret. This week is no different, with Crystal d’Canter and Kelly Mild on Friday and Rotherham’s own Myra Dubois on Saturday.

2 Blackheath Hill, SE10 8DE


Freedom Bar

We’re going to go out on an immaculately toned, tanned limb here and state that there isn’t a gayer song title than ‘Freedom’. Name anyone who’s anyone and they’ve done a ‘Freedom’. Beyonce, Wham!, Nicki Minaj, Sugababes, Erasure, George Michael again, London Boys (us neither). It’s a pretty empowering sentiment. Yeah! Freedom! Gay Liberation! Yeah! You’re Queer! Go Here! To Freedom For A Beer! But, yeah, head to Freedom is what we’re trying to say. Another polymath of a venue: glam cocktail bar upstairs and a let-your-hair-down club downstairs, with a couple of poles for you to drape yourself on. That’s actual poles, rather than Polish men, but you never know, you may get lucky.

60-66 Wardour Street, Soho, W1F 0TA



One of Soho’s sweethearts. A gloriously camp bar, filled to the rafters with gorgeous guys and good-time girls. It doesn’t actually have rafters, because it’s not a barn, but you get the idea. A lot of gorgeous guys and good-time girls, then. They’ve often got a SIZZLING go-go boy dancing on the bar, slut-dropping seductively close to your head, as well as a flock of DJs. Actually, not flock, because, again, it’s not a barn. A great mix of DJs, then, with Matt Bogard and Lee Harris behind the decks this weekend, spinning their signature mix of deep house and tech.

81 Wardour Street, Soho, W1D 6QD


The Old Ship

God himself could not sink this ship. Or herself, of course. Or Gods themselves even…actually, let’s not turn this bar news box into a theological debate. Let’s talk about The Old Ship instead. An old-skool boozer in Limehouse with a pool table and a beer garden. It’s got that homely feel you find in the sort of pubs you were able to get served at as a 17 year old when you lived in the provinces. This isn’t the provinces though, so it’s got far more on offer, such as cabaret at the weekend. Saucy Sophie’s on this Sunday night and she’s ON HEAT.

17 Barnes Street, E14 7NW



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