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    Thursday 30th March: Cabaret Benefit for Amnesty International

    Amnesty International USA and American Civil Liberties Union have quite the fight on their hands for the next couple of years, as Trump whizzes out Executive Orders threatening civil rights on casual whims. So The Glory are holding a cabaret fundraiser for them! What’s more, they’ve pulled in a bumper line-up for you, including Mzz Kimberley, Benjamin Louche, Lilly Snatchdragon, Roland Saunders, and an act called Putin The Bootin, which is only ever going to hilarious. Come see some eclectic cabaret and leave with a fuzzy feeling that you’re helping two vital charities.

    Cabaret Benefit for Amnesty International is on Thursday 30th March at The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS, 7.30-10.30pm, £10 adv tickets, £12 OTD.



    Friday 31st March: Hustler

    Recently we’ve been much more likely to write about bars and clubs shutting in QX, which makes it all the more exciting when we get to write about not-only a new party, but a NEW VENUE too. Hustler is at the brand spanking new Bloc South, which has been putting on burly bear night Brüt on Saturdays. It looks to bring sexy 70’s hustler vibes (think Tom of Finland, Joe Dallesandro, The Castro, and the like) to this newly refurbed club in Vauxhall. James Bartlett, Mattias Dabo and Andrew Moore bring progressive tech and deep vocal house in the main room, while Steven Artis and John Logan-Music serve queer pop and retro house in the disco lounge.  Come down as Bloc South bring out their massive novelty scissors and cut the ribbon on Vauxhall’s hottest new party!

    Hustler is on Friday 31st March at Bloc South, 65 Albert Embankment, SE11 5AM, 10pm-5am, £8 before midnight, £10 afterwards.


    Friday 31st March: Push The Button: Like a Virgin

    It’s a Madonna special at this week’s Push The Button! They’re relaxing their strict ‘post-1990’s only’ rule back to 1982 for tonight only, because modern Madonna is a bit…well, let’s not stick the boot into her here. Let’s just remember the good times, which is what the Buttonpushers will be doing. As well as all your Madge faves, there’ll be hearty portions of candied pop all night long, plus a best-dressed Madonna competition and performances.

    Push the Button: Like a Virgin is on Friday 31st March at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY, 9pm-3am, £8.


    Friday 31st March: A:M

    A:M is one looooooong party. A full 12 hours of hard-hitting house and techno to get your weekend off to a BANG . Is it the longest-lasting club night? Is there a Guinness World Record for that? Do they still do Guinness World Records? All vital questions which remain unanswered. All we do know is that it’s Vauxhall fun in it’s purest form; all muscly boys, brutal beats, and emerging bleary-eyed into the daylight at the end. What else are Friday nights for?

    A:M is on Friday 31st March at Protocol, 6a South Lambeth Road, SW8 1SP, 11pm-11am, Adv tickets £4 before 1am, £8 after, more on the door.


    Saturday 1st April: Lady Olé 1st Birthday: Miss Trash

    Spanish kitsch night Lady Olé turns a momentous one year old this Saturday and to celebrate, they’re holding a beauty contest to find Miss Trash 2017! It could be you. Yes, YOU half-heartedly reading QX on the bar propped open with a gin & tonic. To enter, all you got to do is get on their Facebook page with a name and a song, and you’ll have a chance to not only to win £50 and a bottle of champagne, but also the glory of getting to call yourself Miss Mamarracha for the next year! Glam! Expect the usual debauched mix of drag and dance, all with a Spanish strut. Feliz cumpleaños!

    Lady Olé is on Saturday 1st April at Nightclub Kolis at 1 Archway Close, Archway, N19 3TD, 11pm-4am.


    Saturday 1st April: XXL Rugby

    It marks a first this Saturday, as XXL will finally let in girls! I know, right? You don’t believe us? APRIL FOOLS. Urgh. That wasn’t our finest moment. A little bit LadBible. ANYWAY, they’re celebrating rugby this Saturday down in the bearcave, so we imagine there’ll be beefy thighs, cauliflower ears and some scrums in the dark room! Italian house heavyweight Pagano will be putting in a shift in the main room, while pop-merchants Joe Egg and Dave Robson mince it up in the fur room. Touchdown! That’s not rugby, is it? Well, whatever.

    XXL Rugby is on Saturday 1st April at Pulse, 1 Invicta Plaza, South Bank, SE1 9UF, 10pm-7am, £10 members, £15 non-members.

    Saturday 1st April: 
    Spin Cycle

    This night isn’t gonna be a gentle, wet spin, like eco cycle or delicates. No, this is going to be proper, fully-fledged rotating fun, like Quick Spin, or our favourite spin setting, ULTRA-FAST SPIN. We could write about washing machines all day and sometimes we wish we could. But now, we’re doing the carnivalesque Spin Cycle at hedonism hub, Dalston Superstore. Victoria Sin hosts an intergalactic night of debauchery, with Wax Wings, Coco Cole and Anna Wall spinning an eclectic mix B2B2B. Upstairs, its house and disco classics upstairs, and underground electronica downstairs. Dizzying!

    Spin Cycle is on Saturday 1st April at Dalston Superstore, 117 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB, 9pm-3am, free before 10pm, £7 after.


    Saturday 1st April: R&She En Vogue Special

    R&She keeps going from strength to strength, with Neil Prince, Qboy and David Oh packing out East London basements with the sexy sounds of R&She and Hip Hop queens every month. This Saturday, it’s an En Vogue special! The iconique group are very much en vogue again, with their first album in 13 years due out later this year. Expect the hits, plus loads of others, from Aaliyah, TLC, Estelle, Kelis, ya know the drill. Plus, this is the last chance to get discount flyers for their birthday bank holiday BONANZA at Heaven for the end of April, which will be mega!

    R&She En Vogue Special is on Saturday 1st April at East Bloc, 217 City Road, EC1V 1JN, 11pm-6am, £5 before midnight, £10 after.


    Sunday 2nd April: Orange

    C’est l’orange! The super-sized clubbing destination, packed full of juicy boys and easy-peeling music! I can hear you now, ‘but it’s on a Sunday and there’s work tomorrow’. Well, you’d be wrong, not everyone works the heteronormative Mon-Fri 9-5 schedj. Look at hairdressers. Vicars probably don’t work Mondays either. All kinds of people. You never know who you’re gonna meet. So, it’s sorted. Orange this Sunday! You’ll get to see their new home too, as they takeover the lit LED arches of Lightbox.

    Orange is on Sunday 2nd April at Lightbox, 6a South Lambeth Place, Vauxhall, SW8 1SP, midnight-7am, £7 before 3am, £11 adv ticket, £13 OTD.


    Bar News

    Central Station

    Nestled down a leafy side street just near Kings Cross Station, is a gorgeously clandestine, wonderfully cosy little gay pub. Central Station is a much-loved venue with a community feel. Which is quite surprising given it’s in such a central location. But patrons have been going for years, and its historic walls are full of love. So if you fancy a break from the better-known gay haunts of Soho, East and Vauxhall, get yerselves over to Kings Cross and make a new discovery! On Wednesdays they’ve got a weekly residence from the self-professed whore of Hampstead, Sandra! She’s lewd, crude, and thankfully, never nude.

    37 Wharfdale Road, Kings Cross, N1 9SD


    The Old Ship

    The old ship is the floating, treasure-stuffed JEWEL in Limehouse’s choppy, grey, and sometimes turbulent waters. With friendly staff and chilled vibes, it’s a little oasis of calm. Except when Saucy Sophie’s performing, then it’s just mad. Much like Central Station, they’re a well-respected community venue, a place to catch up with pals or relax by yourself with a good book or Grindr (lol). This Sunday 26th they’ve got Mandy Gap! MIND THE GAP! Geddit? Very clever.

    17 Barnes Street, Limehouse, E14 7NW

    George & Dragon

    Citizens of Greenwich, gird your generous loins and clutch your metaphorical pearls…because the George and Dragon is here to PARTY! Possibly the most joyfully disruptive place south of Tanya Turner’s living room, the George & Dragon has made a name for itself as one of our city’s most raucous gay venues, with a super late license and a seemingly never-ending roster of London’s best drag and cabaret acts, for your delectable drinking and dancing pleasure. Brace yourselves for Sunday 2nd, when they’ll be premiering a brand new lineup and opening times; 4pm-2am with Mary Mac, Myra DuBois and Miss Jason!

    2 Blackheath Hill, SE10 8DE


    Halfway 2 Heaven

    The only gay venue with a number in its name! Actually that’s not strictly true. Not remotely true really. Fake news. Anyway, Halfway 2 Heaven’s great, it’s nestled unassumingly behind big bustling Trafalgar Square, a stone’s throw away from millions of Italians with selfie sticks and gilets, as well as lots of bedraggled pigeons. How lovely. Inside, there’s lots of wood paneling and scuffed gold lamps, all very quintessential London. On Saturdays it’s Rose Garden’s Saturday Swap Shop Slash Lipsync (say THAT ten times quickly after three pints.) There’s a lipsyncing sesh, obvs, plus the opportunity to bring in things to swap! From 5pm.

    7 Duncannon Street, Charing Cross, WC2N 4JF


    West 5

    Oh, another venue with a number in its name! West 5 is in leady residential South Ealing. Vanity von Glow used to live above it. We woke up there a couple of times. It’s very nice inside, all marble and gold taps (well, not quite, but it’s nice.) It brings in a great mixed crowd, from middle aged discerning scene queens, to young students from UWE just down the road. This Friday they’ve got their weekly Lollipop Fridays, with Sourz shots for only £1! Old school! And DJ Robby Dee!

    Pope’s Lane, South Ealing, W5 4NT

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