What’s Hot This Week In Gay London

    What’s hot this week in gay London, you ask? Well, below we list the best gay club events and hottest gay bars to visit this coming week, in London!

    Club News

    Friday 19th January


    Here’s an idea for the commissioning editor of BBC1, if you’re reading: BRÜTHER. Basically, it’s just Idris Elba pushing through Bloc South’s crowded dance floors with a jaded scowl and a battered overcoat, pushing men up against the brickwork to interrogate them over the disappearance of a young twink. Actually, he’s got his top off as well. Yeah, we’ve given this some thought. It’ll be a dark, gritty, urban sensation; just like BRÜT!

    BRÜT is every Friday at Bloc South, 65 Albert Embankment, Vauxhall, SE1 7TP, 10pm-5am, £5 before midnight, £8 after, £5 after 3am 




    Beefmince has been slowly simmering on the RVT stove since New Years Eve and this Friday, they’re ready to serve up another intense, meaty treat for London’s carniwhores! Resident DJs Silverhook and Cactushead will be spinning chunky beats for the loving crowd of chunks and hunks, and they’ll be joined by Aussie partystarter Terry Vietheer (pictured) for a special set of house, disco, and indie-dance!

    Beefmince is on Friday 19th January at Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY, 10pm-4am, £5 adv/OTD before 11pm, £7 after 


    We Are Family: LGBTQ+ Community Centre Fundraiser

    They love a fundraiser up at the Superstore! This is the third edition of We Are Family; this time to raise cash for a LGBTQ+ Community Centre in East London. Plans are already in motion for the not-for-profit space, but they need some pounds to get it off the ground. Ticket proceeds from Friday’s party will go towards making it happen, and the night’s collective talent of Gideon, Dan Beaumont, Chaka Khan’t, Michelle Manetti, Jaye Ward, Rodent Decay, Unoriginalminds and Katayoun Jalili is enough reason to go in itself!

    We Are Family: LGBTQ+ Community Centre Fundraiser is on Friday 19th January at Dalston Superstore, 117 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB, free before 10pm, £6 after 



    Blakemason performer Leo (Rex) Bunny returns to OUT at Vauxhall’s Protocol this Friday night with a thumping new show that’s relentlessly energetic and could well see at least one member of the audience thrust into the action. Could this be your chance to get up close and personal with London’s new rising star? The Plinth of Pleasure will form the stage for the latest instalment of the amateur strip contest, the winner of which will be crowned by the audience – so bring a group of your friends if you want to compete, as someone will walk away with £100. Even good boys at OUT deserve to play bad. DJ Matt Unique plays commercial house from 11pm, while delicious gogos will light up the dance floor. Plus, a lads-only area provides an opportunity for guys wanting to cruise away from the crowds! The admission price to OUT includes free entry to A:M @ FIRE after-hours club, meaning you can party till 10am for just a few pounds.

    OUT is every Friday, at Protocol London, Fire, South Lambeth Road, SW8 1SP, 11pm-3am, £1 for under 25s or £5 on the door. 


    Saturday 20th January

    Pink Lemonade #10

    One of last year’s breakout parties has its first outing in 2018 with another typically eclectic DJ line-up to get East London’s homo cellar shaking! Jeffrey Hinton brings floozy RnB jams, Attack Attack Attack serves up cutting-edge electronica, and Paul Heron squeezes big club anthems into the intimate environs of the basement! Between them, they promise to take you on a musical odyssey all though the night. Everyone loves a bit of variety, spice of life innit. Plus, man of infinite looks Cain Jennings and QX covergirl Virginia Wright share hosting duties, so sidle along this Saturday and quench your THIRST with more Pink Lemonade!

    Pink Lemonade is on Saturday 20th January at East Bloc, 217 City Road, EC1V 1JN, 11pm-6am, free before midnight if you click attending on Facebook event 


    XXL Lumberjack

    If a tree falls in a forest but no one is around to hear it because they’re on the XXL dance floor grinding up against a hunky musclebear called Dennis, does it make a sound? Even if it did, would you be able to hear it above the pumping house sounds of Fat Tony? We ask all the big questions here at QX! Anyway, as we’re sure you’ve gathered, XXL are having a lumberjack special this Saturday! What does that mean? Lots of billowing chest fur poking out of plaid shirts and twanging braces! However, please don’t bring your axes. If you do, it’ll be confiscated and you’ll have to pick it up at the end. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

    XXL Lumberjack is on Saturday 20th January at Pulse, 1 Invicta Plaza, South Bank, SE1 9UF, 10pm-7am, members £10, guests £15 


    Glory Lates – Mzz Kimberley’s POC Cabaret

    Live from Haggerston, it’s Saturday night! Every week, you get a star from the cabaret scene performing down in The Glory basement, all for FREE if you get there before 10pm! Which is especially welcome in a month where bank accounts tend to look rather bare. This Saturday, Mzz Kimberley (pictured) presents her POC Cabaret again, joined by burlesque enchantress Demi Noire to celebrate the history of black artists in cabaret. Then afterwards, 9Bob and Cozette play faggy anthems for you to break your new Doc Martins in to.

    Glory Lates is on every Saturday at The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS, 5pm-2am, free before 10pm, £6 after 


    Sunday 21st January


    Stark Bollock Naked is the UK”s busiest naked club attracting over 400 visitors every week.Tattooed muscle guy and fresh new talent, TheJustinXXX, has arrived in London and will be making his debut performance at SBN this Sunday.  The German hottie is gagging to get familiar with SBN’s massive crowd and is said to be hoping for a warm welcome. Meanwhile, resident DJ Tony Latex will be playing commercial house to a throbbing dance floor if previous parties have been anything to go by, while a vast Play Room packed full of gear weighing over eight tons will provide hours of fun for those wanting to cruise, explore and get familiar in the dark. Near Bollock Naked, for guys who prefer to keep their underwear on, starts at 6pm, when you can party in your pants, a jock or stay naked as before till 10pm.

    Sunday 21st January, 2pm, Fire. £13 members, £15 guests including coat check and first drink. Save money by claiming your FREE membership www.jamiehp.co.uk 



    Sunday night is the most scandalous night to go out on! That’s a fact. Nobody bats an eyelid if you go dancing on a Friday or Saturday, but on Sunday, you’re essentially looking Dolly Parton’s 9-5 lifestyle square in the eyes and telling it where to go. Orange is one of the few clubs open for a Sunday session, with Yvette Lindquist, Richard Jones, Flaviano and Terry Bryan dishing out juicy house and techno until 6am, making dead-eyed commuters envious as you stumble out into the daylight!

    Orange is every Sunday at Protocol, Fire, South Lambeth Place, SW8 1SP, midnight-6am, £8 before 4am with adv ticket/flyer/NUS/advert, £13 OTD 


    Bar News

    KU Bar

    KU Bar is a shining beacon of glittering campery in Central London’s increasingly grey, increasingly corporate, leisure landscape. It’s barS like KU that we NEED, to keep things fun, fresh and frolicking! They specialize in a pleasing amalgamation of chilled(ish) midweek drinking, and mad urban weekend debauchery. Their downstairs dancefloor plays host to a kaleidoscopic rotation of the scene’s best DJs, including Lady Lloyd, who’s known for playing all the hits and having her arse out.

    30 Lisle Street, WC2H 7BA 


    The Old Ship

    Creak, splash, it’s the Old Ship! We used to always think up clever nautical metaphors for them, but we’ve run out of those, so now we’ve just started doing nautical…verbs? Anyway, regardless of our lacking lexicon, the Old Ship is a wonderful venue, for gay gentlemen in East London. It’s one of Limehouse’s oldest establishments, with a friendly community feel and raucous cabaret on the weekends. This Saturday 20th from 8pm, it’s Son Of A Tutu, who is mad, and who we love.

    17 Barnes Street, E14 7NW 



    Slap bang at the end of Old Compton Street, Village is a colourful, kaleidoscopic all-week bar…meaning it’s busy every night of the week! YES, Soho’s salacious sohocialites always pack its booths and bar stools, sipping and gossiping and generally having a blast. Raven Mandella’s usually around there as well, spinning top (or maybe vers) tunes behind the DJ booth, or stalking around the dance floor. Village is one of those proper 90s Queer as Folk gay bars, with gogo dancers, pop hits, neon colours, the whole shebang. Loves it!

    81 Wardour Street, W1D 6QD 


    Halfway 2 Heaven

    Situated conveniently behind a popular tourist attraction called Trafalgar Square, Halfway is a great drag bar where you’ll immediately feel welcome. The staff always have a glint in their eye, and there’s always a queen on hand to offer helpful, if sometimes rather catty advice. This Friday 19th, it’s drag legend Dave Lynn, with her unique brand of silver-tongued sass. 

    7 Duncannon Street, WC2N 4JF 


    The Bridge Clapham

    As the name POTENTIALLY suggests, Bridge Bar is situated under a bridge. No jokes about trolls please! It’s a cosy little place, with snug brick arches and warming winter cocktails. A perfect pick-me-up from the January blues. Every Tuesday there’s a quiz, with a SIXTY POUND BAR TAB as the first prize. That’s quite substantial! It’s presented by someone called Quizeerascal Remus, who’s far more attractive than his name suggests. They also offer 25% off all beer and wine from 5pm until 8pm.

    8 Voltaire Road, SW4 6DH

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