What’s Hot This Week In Gay London

    What’s hot this week in gay London, you ask? Well, below we list the best gay club events and hottest gay bars to visit this coming week, in London!

    Club News

    Friday 23rd June: WUT? CLUB: Step Back In Time

    Before they host the official Pride afterparty at The Steelyard next month, WUT? CLUB have found time to squeeze in one more of their wild monthly parties! They’re back at hedonistic hub Dalston Superstore for a two-floor takeover of mesmerising club kids and messy drag queens. This time round, they’re making like Cher and turning back time, so turn on the History Channel and get researching for a devastatingly retro look. As always, they’ve got a stellar bill of DJs, with Krankbrother, A B S O L U T E, and Wax Wings spinning underground sounds downstairs, and Joshua Cole, Raven Mandella, and Bertie Clarke serving 90s party jams up on the ground floor!

    WUT? CLUB: Step Back in Time is at Dalston Superstore, 117 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB, 10pm-4am, £7 OTD.



    Friday 23rd June: Homo Superior

    Come roll round in all things QUEER at Homo Superior, the night that celebrates QUEER icons, QUEER artists, and QUEER anthems. They’re here, they’re QUEER, they might play Lily Allen’s ‘The Fear’. Though, it’s all up to DJs Sina Sparrow, Panos Z, Ma Butcher and Paul Panick. There’s also a free comedy set earlier in the evening at half seven from Sian Docksey and Joe Hart if you find yourself kicking about in Haggerston with nowt else to do.

    Homo Superior is at The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS, 10pm-2am, free before 10pm, £6 after.


    Friday 23rd June: A:M

    We like our club nights like we like our men: 12 hours long! That almost works, doesn’t it. ANYWAY, A:M is on for a maddeningly long half a day, which means you can pop in on Friday night and dance your way until it’s time for Brunch the next day! You don’t need to sleep. Rest is terribly passé these days. Very early 2000s. The relentlessly thumping house and techno from DJs (*) will be sure to keep you going!

    A:M is at Protocol, Lightbox entrance, 6a South Lambeth Place, SW8 1SP, £4 before 1am with ad/flyer/conc, £8 after 1am.


    Friday 23rd June: BANG

    Uber-sexy night BANG is trekking over the water down to their new home at Bloc South. Expect their usual mix of muscled hotties, bangtastic beats, and HOT hostesses, but all in a bigger, slicker club! More BANG for your buck. Paul Heron, Louis Chatten, and Matt Bogard take over the main room, while newcomers Junior Moura and Cal Moughan will be spinning in the second room.

    BANG is at Bloc South, 65 Albert Embankment, SE1 7TP, 10pm-5am, £10 adv,
    £15 OTD.


    Saturday 24th June: Beyond: Land of the Rising Sun

    Hi-octane, hi-NRG, hi-kicking clubbing experience Beyond are going east this weekend. Even further east than Poplar; all the way to East Asia. They’re decking out the sexy arches of Fire with Geisha girls and Samurai boys for a 12-hour after-hours extravaganza. You could probably fly to Japan in that time, but this is gonna be way more untethered fun! Gonzalo, D’Johnny, Michel Mizrahi, and Nic Fischer will be on hand to blast out balls-to-the-wall house and techno all night and morning long!

    Beyond: Land of the Rising Sun is at Fire, South Lambeth Road, SW8 1RT, 12am-12pm.


    Saturday 24th June: XXL Jocks

    The smell of sweaty jockstraps and raw testosterone fill the air, furtive glances are shared in the showers, teensy-weensy white towels are slapped on furry arses. If steamy locker-room erotica gives you a right horn, then you’d be a fool to miss XXL Jocks this Saturday, when the debauched bear club will be helping you live out those sexy PE teacher fantasies. Don’t lie, you had a sexy PE teacher. Everyone did. It must be a requirement to get the job. Tonight: DJ Fat Tony spins a special set, on the decks.

    XXL Jocks is at Pulse, 1 Invicta Plaza, South Bank, SE1 9UF, 10pm-7am, members £10, non-members £15.


    Saturday 24th June: Pink Lemonade #4

    Thirsts, prepared to be quenched: Pink Lemonade is back! The night quickly made a name for itself earlier this year as offering a refreshing cocktail of musical genres and it’s setting up stall down in East Bloc’s homo-basement for the first time. For the fourth edition, they’ve got a stack of recognisable faces to play a diverse range of tunes, from pop-merchant Beary Carey, QX columnist Princess Julia, WUT? CLUB head honcho Attack Attack Attack, and moustachioed house-head Tafanik. Every base covered.

    Pink Lemonade #4 is at East Bloc, 217 City Road, EC1V 1JN, 11pm-6am.


    Saturday 24th June: Vauxpop! Whitney Special

    To mark the release of Nick Broomfield’s new documentary on Whitney Houston’s life, Vauxhall pop-pushers Vauxpop! will be hosting a night dedicated to the immensely talented icon. DJ Guy Ruben will be playing all her hits, as well as a range of other pop classics.

    Vauxpop! Whitney Special is at Eagle London, 349 Kennington Lane, SE11 5QY, free before 10pm, £6 after.


    Sunday 25th June: Sunday Social with Mary Mac

    Some people go to church on Sundays. Others to Ikea, or a gorgey National Trust property. All lovely, but it’s a waste not to head to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern for their long-running and legendary Sunday Social. It all kicks off at the civilised time of 3pm, with cabaret from haggis-botherer Mary Mac. After this, all bets are off and it’ll descend into a sweaty, tops-tucked-in-trousers disco with dance remixes and commercial house from DJs Liam Chaplin, Simon Le Vans, and Simon Sirs!

    Sunday Social with Mary Mac is at Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY, 3pm-midnight, £8 or £5 members.


    Sunday 25th June: Orange

    Orange helps you get one of your recommended five days-a-week clubbing that we heartily recommend here at QX. Tropical, juicy, and full of Vitamin C-ock, you can get your helping every Sunday night at the literally lit Lightbox, with superstar DJs Gonzalo, Massimo Paramour, and Zach Burns at the decks to provide freshly-squeezed house. It’s all good for the soul.

    Orange is at Lightbox, 6a South Lambeth Place, SW8 1SP, midnight-7am, Adv tickets £7 before 3am, £13 OTD.

    Bar News

    The White Swan

    The White Swan is an INSTITUTION of the London gay scene. It’s one of the great canon of iconic venues. Celebrities have passed through its doors, as well as god knows how many drag queens, activists, tastemakers and everyday punters. After decades of providing the LGBT community with a hedonistic haven, it’s still going strong, with a fully curated schedule each week. This Saturday they’ve got mad bitch Stephanie Von Clitz ruling the stage as only she knows how, followed by Doctor Woof on Sunday. The last time we saw Doctor Woof he was dressed as a nun. Who knows what it’ll be this time! Ah, the magic of cabaret.

    556 Commercial Road, Limehouse, E14 7JD



    The Village is a quintessential gay bar. It’s almost like how gay bars are in TV shows. When you walk in, you half expect to see the Sex & The City girls propping up the bar, on a girls night out, being titillated by the gold hotpant-clad gogo boys. It’s a bit labyrinthine in there. There’s the front bar, where you can prop yourself up and sip a cocktail. Then there’s the gorgeous back bar, scattered with booths and benches and clandestine curtains. It’s been in Soho since 1991. Twenty-five years! That’s a very long time these days. Well done, Village! Don’t miss their karaoke night on Wednesdays…you could win fifty quid!

    81 Wardour Street, Soho, W1D 6QD


    KU Bar

    It’s KU! They’ve got all sorts going on at the moment. Firstly, they’re gearing up for their pride celebrations, which are always ICONIC – we’re talking men dancing in windows, we’re talking glitter cannons bursting forth across bare tanned torsos, we’re talking shotboys storming up and down Old Compton Street. AND they’ve got Silver Summers’ queer talent contest, The Q Factor! She’s on the hunt for London’s hottest new queer talent. That’s every Wednesday from 7pm, with different challenges each week and celebrity guest judges!

    30 Lisle Street, Chinatown, WC2H 7BA

    Comptons of Soho

    We’re gonna go out on a massive limb here and say that Old Compton Street is probably the most famous gay street in the world. And the best pub on that street is Comptons. So there you have it, by our skewed logic, the most famous gay pub in the world! Well, it should be. It’s always full of pint-swilling hotties and olive-skinned barmen, with an old-school magic in the air. You know the sort. The eyes-meeting-over-the-pork-scratchings sort. You don’t find it much anymore, but it’s alive and kicking in Comptons!

    51-53 Old Compton Street, W1D 6HN


    The Old Ship

    Yet another indispensible, inimitable Limehouse institution…The Old Ship! Endorsed by none other than Ian McKellan, who said it was one of his fave watering holes. We absolutely love Sir Ian, he’s a total legend. Hey Ian, if you’re reading this! Or Serena, as your pals call you. Anyway The Old Ship is a great place to sip on a post work pint, or at the weekends, to take in some cabaret. This Saturday 24th they’ve got drag legend Dave Lynn, with his wonderfully quick camp wit!

    17 Barnes, Limehouse, E14 7NW

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