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    Club News

    Friday 20th July


    Oh, you utter BRUTE! You like it rough don’t you? Well this club night gives it rough, and keeps on giving it until the early hours. Bloc South is purpose built for hosting this kind of night, with a dark corner around every… well, corner. Packed tight with hairy sexy men and the guys who love them. These guys know how to throw a party, and they never disappoint. Fluff up your beard and head on over.

    Bloc South, 65 Goding Street, Vauxhall, SE11 5AW. 10pm-5am. £5 before midnight with flyer/wristband/QX ad/screenshot, £10 otherwise. 



    Who Do you think you are?

    Barbra Brownskirt wants you to know that it’s official: she’s the worst lesbian poet in the UK. Fringe Previews are everywhere this weekend and this one is not to miss! This anarchist in a knee-length skirt is ready to dismantle the patriarchy, one bad poem at a time.  She’s asking audiences Who Do You Think You Are? In a rousing hour of funny, fragile political comedy, Brownskirt is here to have you snatched bard. 

    The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY. 7:30pm. £6 in advanced, £8 OTD. 


    No Place Like HOMO

    Be you Twunk, Bear or Silver Fox, there’s room for us all this Friday. Putting the D back in Disco, we all know that the Eagle really knows how do a night out. Get your dance on to your favourite bangers, from Ariana to Abba, David Bowie to Diana Ross. The lovely MARGO MARSHALL will be taking to the stage, eventually. No one likes a drag queen who’s early. This Lipsync 1000 and Miss STP finalist is one dangerous dancing diva.

    Eagle London, 349 Kennington Lane, SE11 5QY. 10pm – 4am. Free before 10pm, £6 after. 


    Drag Double Bill

    You wait all week for a drag show and two come along at once! Jonny Woo and Sex Shells have paired for a science fiction double feature this Friday on the iconic Glory stage. Woo brings to you an All Star Brexit Cabaret, so quit your remoaning and come laugh out loud at the vote which crippled our economy. A hard act to follow, but Sex Shell is sure to give it to you, HARD. This Edinburgh fringe preview is an orgy of pop parodies and surreal sketches.

    The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS. 7pm. £10 ticket available at


    Saturday 21st July

    XXL Lumberjack

    Something went very wrong at the Build-A-Bear workshop. It seems a mix up at HQ has made these bears much sexier than their usual batch. Get stuffing this Saturday night at XXL! It’s always a hot and sweaty night over on the Southbank, and this coming weekend is no exception. Expect a night of downing those vodka cokes, making eyes across the dance floor at that beast in the flannel shirt, and a drunken fumble around the dark room.

    Pulse, 1 Invicta Plaza, Southbank, SE1 9UF. 10pm – 7am. Members £10, guests £15. 



    You know that one guy who always describes everything good as ‘beyond’? Well he probably just has this night in mind. Going above and beyond social mores, this night doesn’t even open until the unmentionable hours. If you get carried away hosting your pre drinks, or if you’re already out and just want to keep it going, Beyond has your back. Dance yourself late for your Sunday lunch.

    Fire, South Lambeth Road, SW8 1RT. Midnight – Midday. £13 concession/NUS/flyer before 7am, £16 OTD. 


    Sunday 22nd July


    On Sunday afternoon it’s SBN, the naked club event where you leave your clothes at the door before taking to floor! In the words of Jennifer Lopez, Get On The Floor! Top fetish DJs Lee Harris and Tony Latex will be on hand to keep things Fuego, and if you haven’t ventured in yet, we there’s vast new play zone, especially designed and installed by UKRed for you to enjoy and explore. Plus there’s a live sex show from James Bennett – crikey!  Near Bollock Naked joins the action at 6pm when jocks or underwear can be worn, or carry on as before.

    Entry £14 members, £17 guest. 2pm – 10pm Save money on the cost of entry by claiming your free membership online Fire Main Entrance, Vauxhall 



    Orange you glad you went out on a Sunday? Having repented your sins earlier that morning, you’ll need a whole host of new sins to confess to next weekend so you may as well get a few in early.  Taste of the forbidden fruit and party like it’s the last days of Sodom. The popping sound system will have you hailing Mary. Get on your knees and pray this Sunday!

    Protocol, South Lambeth Road, SW8 1RT. Midnight – 6am. £8 before 3am with concession/ad/flyer, £13 OTD. 


    Saturday 15th September


    Roll up, roll up! The Sexcircus is in town! Get ready to see your deepest, darkest desires come to life. Martin Rab with Orangenation is getting revved up for the hottest threesome of the year, with Jamie HP and The Hoist joining in for an evening you just can’t miss. A night of arousing live performances in the Sexcircus vs DADDi Main Room from the likes of Jaxton Wheeler and Damian Crosse, all set against the throbbing beats of Lee Harris and guest DJ Tom Stephan. The circus usually happens under the Big Top, and this end-of-summer party is full of them. Salacious, sexy and sweaty. Get social in the custom-built Hoist playroom, then lose yourself in the Alfresco Cruise Maze. Make sure your summer ends on a BANG!

    Fire, South Lambeth Road, SW8 1RT. 11pm-6am. Tickets available at


    Bar News


    Yaaay Village! Village has ALWAYS been a Soho hotspot, but they’ve become even more of a Soho hotspot of late, with fab DJs, great packed out weekend nights, and a hilarious camp vibe. Not to mention their enticing gogo boys, who gyrate away on the bar and in the windows, in a wonderfully 90s Queer As Folk throwback. They wear gold hotpants that would make even Kylie Minogue raise an eyebrow! Don’t miss their happy hour, with 50% off selected drinks from 5pm – 9pm.

    81 Wardour Street, W1D 6QD 



    Freedom is quite an apt place to go at the moment, because this summer has been a fabulous summer of FREEDOM! Prides have been bigger than ever, and London’s streets have been full of love! Well, not all the time, London’s a huge city and bad things do happen. But we’re trying to make a tenuous link, just go with us on this one. Anyway yeah, Freedom is a swanky LGBT-friendly cocktail bar slap bang in the middle of Soho. Good for a schmooze and a mojito. Make sure there’s plenty of dosh in your wallet though! Head down this Wednesday 18th for POC cabaret night Black Girl Magic, feat. Coco Vadose!

    60-66 Wardour Street, W1F 0TA 


    West 5

    Nestled unassumingly among the leafy suburban side streets of South Ealing, is a big ole’ gay club! Well, sort of gay club/gay bar. West 5 is one of those wonderful establishments that bridges the gap between the two. It’s a wonderful building, with lots of Tudor-y things on the outside (we got a C in GSCE History, can you tell?) West 5 also attracts a great mix of punters, from seasoned South Ealing locals to bright-eyed students from the uni down the road. This Saturday 21st they’ve got a live appearance from none other than Pop Idol’s Michelle McManus! We stan!

    Popes Lane, W5 4NB 


    The Old Ship

    The Old Ship is one of those London institutions that form the backbone of the gay scene. A real PILLAR OF THE COMMUNITY. Actually, forget we said that, that’s what parish magazines say about the vicar. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a vicar. Or a parish magazine. God we’re exhausted. The Old Ship is located in the eclectic Limehouse district, and is allegedly a favoured drinking spot of Limehouse local, Ian McKellan. How fab. This Saturday 21st, they’ve got a rousing turn from cabaret kween, Terry Tour.

    17 Barnes Street, E14 7NW 


    Ku Bar

    Ku have JUST ABOUT recovered from their Pride celebrations (hey Nieko, u ok hun?) and they’ve hit the ground running to bring YOU the slickest central London gay shenanigans. Drag madness night PHAT Club has arrived there on Thursdays now, with Diamond Daniels, Tayce, Cara Melle, Honey Foxx and a handful of other glamorous reprobates storming through Chinatown and stealing people’s boyfriends. One of our fave weeknights ever, you have to check it out!

    30 Lisle Street, WC2H 7BA

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