What’s Hot This Week In Gay London

    What’s hot this week in gay London, you ask? Well, below we list the best gay club events and hottest gay bars to visit this coming week, in London!

    Club News

    Friday 20th April


    BRÜT is the sort of bad boy club that would take you home, give you the best sex of your life, and then ceremoniously chuck you out in the morning without so much as a freshly-brewed cafetiere of Bolivian deep blend. Oooft. You can find it every Friday leaning against the bar seductively in the dark and sleazy arches of Bloc South, with its packed dance floors and busy play rooms. This week, chunky basslines come courtesy of Ross James, Sugarbear, Steven Artis, Danny P and Blue Kandie !

    BRÜT is every Friday at Bloc South, 65 Goding Street, SE11 5AW, 10pm-5am, £5 before midnight with flyer/ad/screenshot, £10 OTD 




    This week, Italian escort Alex Roman hits OUT for an XXX performance. You know what they say: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Which will probably be taking off all your clothes and getting onto all fours in this case! Plenty of other stuff happening too, with the amateur strip contest (complete with £100 prize) still running and commercial dance stompers from DJ Matt Unique!

    11pm-3am, 6a South Lambeth Place, SW8 1SP, £7 OTD or £5 with flyer/ad/student card. Stay on for free at A:M after 



    Whenever one of our number goes to Beefmince, they always come back saying the same thing: a) that it’s always a rammo-ed meat-market of big, beefy, beautiful bastards, and b) the music is a proper slab of hands-in-the-air, melt-in-your-mouth excellence. More of the same this week, with resident DJs Silverhook and Cactushead joined by RVT royalty, Simon Le Vans, who you can normally catch dragging revellers out of their hungover stupors at the Sunday Social!

    Beefmince is on Friday 20th April at Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY, 10pm-4am, £5 OTD before 11pm or all night w/ Beefmince merch, £7 


    A:M Afterhours

    “It opens at WHAT time?” That’s you trying to explain A:M to your straight friends who don’t know anything about gay clubbing, aside from that bit where Armie Hammer dances in Call Me By Your Name (which they weren’t really that keen on, but wouldn’t dare say that out loud). A:M doesn’t play by the rules though! Every Friday night/Saturday morning, they fill out Protocol in Vauxhall with euphoric house, tech and Latin beats. Whip your top off and dance for seven hours straight!

    A:M Afterhours is on Saturday 21st April at Protocol, 6a South Lambeth Palce, Vauxhall, SW8 1SP, 3am-10am, £8 before 6am with flyer/conc/flyer/NUS, £15 OTD 


    Saturday 21st April


    Athena is Eagle’s monthly 80s extravaganza, celebrating the music, the décor and the men of the decade that taste forgot! It doesn’t matter if you were around to experience it all first-hand or if your Dad hadn’t even made the lunge on your Ma yet: there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy here! DJs Paul Joseph and Gareth Hackney delve into their holdall full of tape cassettes to play big poppy anthems, slick new-wave gems, and fabulously overblown power ballads!

    Athena is on Saturday 21st April at Eagle London, 349 Kennington Lane, SE11 5QY, 9pm-4am, free before 10pm, £6 after 


    XXL St George’s Day

    Slay George slaaaaaaaay! That dragon be gagging! Yaaaaaass! Bear bonanza XXL are celebrating St George’s Day this Saturday with the hedonistic superclub equivalent of Hugh Grant’s “we may be a small country, but we are a great one” speech in Love Actually.  A country of Shakespeare. Churchill. The Beatles. Paul Morrell. Joe Egg. David Robson. Alex Logans left hand. Alex Logan’s right hand for that matter. Pagano. Actually, he’s Italian, but he’ll be there anyway, spinning heavy house sounds!

    XXL St George’s Day is on Saturday 21st April at Pulse, 1 Invicta Plaza, South Bank, SE1 9UF, 10pm-7am, members £10, guests £15 



    The revamp of Metropolis is finally finished and it’s a veritable treasure trove of tacky glamour and thrill-seeking hedonism! There are four floors of opulently out-there décor to explore, like a small department store of stripper poles and ice cream vans. We like the basement best: it’s smoky, it’s sexy and it’s where Sam Smith once rejected our advances. Rouge Mary and Jim Stanton (HMD) are in the main room this week spinning slutty disco, while pop dodgems come from Tete Bang in the fairground room!

    Savage is every Saturday at Metropolis, 234 Cambridge Heath Road, E2 9NN, 10pm-5am, £10 


    Glory Lates

    Live from Haggerston, it’s Saturday Night! Every weekend, homo pub/club/tub The Glory give you a full-on show from an icon from the cabaret scene, all for free if you get in before the News at Ten starts. This Saturday, Mzz Kimberley will be bringing her POC cabaret back to the basement, along with the recent winner of the Man Up drag king contest, Elliot Hunter, whose liquid hips will have you feeling dizzy. Afterwards, Ninebob and Cozette will be spinning house, disco and pop to snog Central Saint Martins students to!

    Glory Lates is on Saturday 21st April at The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS, pub doors 5pm, show 10.30pm, free before 10pm, £6 after 


    Sunday 22nd April

    SBN & NBN

    Blakemason, Eurocreme and Crunchboys star Kai Davis will join the long list of names to grace the SBN stage when he appears this Sunday, alongside Vauxhall favourite and sexy mischief-maker Drex Dixon. The familiar faces already know each other intimately so it won’t take a moment to build the natural chemistry on stage. You can rest assured that you’ll be in for a treat with as you are served up another of Jamie HP’s roasting hot Sunday performances! DJ Tony Latex plays commercial house, while those who want to party in a jock or underwear can join the fun at 6.30pm at NBN.

    Fire, 6a South Lambeth Road, SW8 1SP, 2pm-10pm, members £13, guests £15 (inc first drink and coat check) 


    Bar News

    The Old Ship

    Kebab boxes tumble across Commercial Road in the wind, as overhead the DLR rattles into East London, carrying grey-faced commuters back to their new build apartment complexes. In this monochrome cityscape, an oasis of cosy affability is nestled down a side street. The Old Ship is a lamplit local, frequented by the discerning homosexual ladies and gentlemen of the area. Ian McKellan pops in sometimes, nursing a sherry while drag queen Miss Penny stalks the stage, finding someone to fit her slot.

    17 Barnes Street, E14 7NW 



    It’s a sultry Spring night in Soho. Rickshaws clank and whistle past, burbling out Freemasons remixes of Adele from tinny speakers, as drag queens sprawl across leopard-print seats. A musclebound Italian gay couple saunter down Old Compton Street. Their destination? VILLAGE. It squats supremely at the end of the road, effortlessly appealing and unapologetically camp. The unmitakeable disco drone of Kylie thumps from inside, the undulating shapes of gogo boys silhouetted in the front windows. The doors crash open and Virginia Wright steps into the night, green eyes flashing, bottle in hand. As she passes the Italian couple she says “Go on in guys. You’ll have night of your LIFE.”

    81 Wardour Street, W1D 6QD 


    Compton Cross

    Formerly Molly Moggs, the Compton Cross has reincarnated as a slightly more sanitized, but no less camp Central London cabaret joint. They do cocktails now, and there’s lots of brass and lamps and shiny surfaces everywhere. Don’t worry though, they’ve still got the famously raucous drag and cabaret on Sunday afternoons. Sometimes the drag queens leave the venue and run down Charing Cross Road still singing, leaving shellshocked tourists in their sparkling wake.

    2 Old Compton Street, W1D 4TA 



    The bar that needs no introduction, but we’ll introduce it anyway…it’s Ku Bar! Hooray! Technically, it’s more than one bar, it’s a whole amalgamation of several bars, scattered around Soho like a salacious spray of sequins. There’s the one on Frith Street, which is a chilled little cocktail bar with cheeky post-work vibes. Then there’s its flagship Lisle Street venue, glittering on the corner, a mecca of homosexual hedonism! Well, maybe that’s going a bit far. But it’s great, and the bar staff are gorge, and you can drink gin & tonic there and listen to Britney. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR?

    30 Lisle Street, WC2H 7BA 


    Halfway To Heaven

    Halfway To Heaven is, as the name suggests, Halfway to Heaven! Not the one in the sky with the pearly gates, that would be a bit obvious. No, we mean ACTUAL Heaven, the one that exists. It’s just under Charing Cross Station, very convenient. Halfway To Heaven is tucked just behind Trafalgar Square (Traffy S, as we call it) and it’s got glittery pink walls downstairs and cosy bar vibes upstairs. Pop in for a pernicious pint or a whimsical wine.

    7 Duncannon Street, WC2N 4JF

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