QX Preview: SexCircus

London’s steamiest party is back!

International clubbing brand SexCircus, does what it says on the tin. Or rather, on the lube dispenser. It’s all about SEX! Now, we’re very sex positive here at QX. Haven’t heard the term “sex positive” before? It means we think sex is GREAT. So there.

Society has way too many hang-ups about sex, and particularly gay men are still slut-shaming each other left right and centre. “Ooh, don’t bother with her, she’s a slut!” or perhaps “You know that guy Kemi is dating? Apparently someone saw him going into a sauna last night!”

SO FUCKING WHAT. Why shouldn’t we have sex? It’s not unnatural to have lots of sex. In fact, it’s the most natural thing there is. As long as you’re doing it because you want to, and using safe sex options that suit you and your body, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having lots and lots of sex!

And at SexCircus, you can do exactly that! Touching down at Vauxhall’s notorious den of hedonism Fire to celebrate their 7th edition, it’s teaming up with fetish and cruise connoisseurs Jamie HP and The Hoist to bring you a night of fantasies and raunch galore!


There’ll be three rooms of pumping music and erm, pumping pelvises; The SEXCIRCUS Main Room, featuring headliner Allen King and a host of other performers; the Hard On Mirror Arch; and the brand new Locker Room Lounge and Cruise Maze.

This is a night for gay man who wants to get down and dirty; from slaves to sirs, bottoms to bosses. Pups, femmes, otters, bears…or people who don’t HAVE labels and just want to have fun!

SexCircus is on Saturday 10th March at Fire, 39 Parry Street, SW8 1SP. 11pm – 6am. Tickets available at seetickets.com