16/11/12: We kicked off our weekend on Friday night in Soho’s possibly most easy going and attitude-free bar, the King’s Arms on Poland Street.

Celebrating a new Friday late license running all through December, this traditional style pub is stuffed with a seemingly impenetrable sea of lumberjack checks and beards, but on closer inspection the KA clientele are a gorgeous mix of ordinary blokes, tattooed muscle and cuteness.

After their spectacular ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ Halloween décor, complete with giant Audrey, we are looking forward to the unveiling of the Christmas extravaganza – we’ve had a sneak preview and they really are pulling out all the stops, no limp tinsel and baubles for the KA, this is a full on purpose built set!

Friday nights here are ridiculously good, mixing some top DJs, lovely clientele and an atmosphere so fun, the next time you look at your watch, it’s already time for last orders!


There is also the ever-popular Sunday karaoke and of course a couple of hot new bar boys doesn’t hurt either! If you’ve not tried the KA you really should… cosy, friendly and eye candy, what’s not to love?

23 Poland Street, Soho, W1F 8QL
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