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Gay Chat Lines from QX Magazine, the brand you can trust.

A gay chat line is a telephone service that enables gay callers to join a live 1-2-1 conversation with other gay callers. They can leave voice messages, set up voice profiles and have private 1-2-1 chats. This is not the same as a gay hot line, or gay phone sex line. Hot lines and phone sex lines are usually populated by people who are paid to talk to callers.

With QX chat gay callers chat with other genuine gay callers.

Gay Chat lines enable genuine callers to talk to each other.

Gay London QX Magazine lists many gay chat lines. You can find the numbers on the QX website and when you find a service you like the sound of you can call the number and join in the fun. Tap on the number displayed on your screen using your mobile phone and you can get direct access. When making a date using these services be safe and sensible, tell a friend, and meet your date in a public place.

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Gay Chat Line QXChat lets you have fun on the phone.

Our gay chat line offers live one to one chat by phone with hundreds of other genuine gay guys who are on the phone...
Manhunt Chat

Manhunt Gay Chat Line from 13p per minute

The Manhunt Gay Chat Line. Cheap chat line.  13p per minute. 0872 100 5 100 18+ Calls to 0872 100 5 100 cost 13p per minute plus...
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Cheap gay chat line 08718000800 13p per minute + phone company’s access charge. 

Want a cheap gay chat line when calling from your land line or mobile? A SPECIAL RATE FROM 8p PER MINUTE:  When calling from your mobile...

Gay Chat Line on Mobile Flirt with a fitty

Gay chat line on mobile with live 121 voice chat Mobile callers to QXChat call from 8p per minute: We've been publishing QX Magazine for over...
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Cheap Gay Chat Line Credit Card From QX Magazine

From 6p per minute, it's cheaper to pay by credit card. TO CALL QXCHAT THE CHEAPEST WAY: If you’ve got a credit or debit card then...
Cheap gay chat 10p

Meet Men Now – Like It Says On The Tin! From 8p per minute

Meet Men Now is the best gay chatline to meet gay men now        MEET MEN NOW!     With so many callers we...
ManHunt Gay Chat Line 13p

Manhunt Gay Chat – Where Real Men Hang Out

MANHUNT (TM) The Manhunt Gay Chat Line. 13p per minute. 0872 100 5 100 18+ Calls to 0872 100 5 100 cost 13p per minute plus you phone...
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Gay Chat Line FAQS Help on charges, 8p per min to 13p per min,...

GAY CHAT LINE FAQS PRIVACY POLICY What is a Gay Chat Line? A gay chat line is where gay men call a number such as those beginning...
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Gay Chat Lines QX Gets The Low Down

We've been listening to some of the messages left by the thousands of guys who use gay chat lines found at the back of magazines...

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