Proud Beer – KU Launch

    29/09/18: Pride season might be over but the folks over at Ku are proud all year round! They were celebrating the arrival of the super-yummy, supper-important Proud Beer at their first Soho venue, which is a big deal! The drinks were flowing, and the painted proud logo meant we had an excuse to be staring at the barmen’s bulging chests. We spent the night wondering what we’d have to do to get that painted rubbed off on our face… A launch means those media gays were out in full force, and the hobnobbing was off the hook. We had business cards up the whoo-ha. There is something to say about those social-climbers, they know how do drink. We’re starting to think it’s called Proud Beer because there’s little that could make you feel shame after five of them…

    Ku Bar, 30 Lisle Street, WC2H 7BA

    Photos by F D Photos