The Karaoke Hole

    09/06/18: As expected, The Karaoke Hole was MAD when we finally got round to popping down on Saturday. It’s by the peeps behind Dalston Superstore and it’s a brand new, super fun drag karaoke bar! Woo! A bunch of drag queens and a bunch of, shall we say, LIGHTLY tipsy Dalstonites throwing themselves around to karaoke classics. It’s like a sort of parallel universe, a world away (but also only a few feet away) from the bustling grey London life going on outside. It’s pure escapism, pure magic! So get down there as quickly as possible and do a song! We’d recommend Milkshake by Kelis, the lyrics are simple and it doesn’t require much vocal range (soz Kelis).

    95 Kingsland Road, E8 2PB

    Photos by Joel Ryder

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