The Old Ship

11/09/16: Having barely recovered from last weekend’s shenanigans – a fabulousa party including no fewer than 12 acts, which raised over £1000 for the Albert Kennedy Trust – Jon, the kindly landlord of the Old Ship in Limehouse, was up to his old tricks again this Sunday with the usual cabaret night.

Mandy Gap, all way from Costa del Battersea, was the star of the night, easily entertaining us with good humored banter and impeccable renditions of famous ditties chosen from her wide repertoire spanning the works of such varied luminaries as Leonard Cohen (Alleluia) and Kylie (All the Lovers).

DJ Jason Prince was at hand to host the proceedings and dish out the cheesiest tunes available to the delight of the assembled company. And because the place feels very much like a family (of the logical, if not biological kind), Barry, a member of staff, was celebrated on his birthday and even received presents from some regulars.

We strongly suggest you get yourselves to Limehouse next Sunday for a taste of this warmest of East End welcomes.


17 Barnes Street, E14 7NW

Words by Nicolas Chinardet

Photos by Zefrografica

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