Cybil’s House: In Space

19/08/17: The White Swan was serving extra-terrestrial realness last Saturday for the latest Cybil’s House! There were low-gravity, high-hair looks by the lightyear-load, including Cybil herself looking amaze as a towering psytrance spacewitch, of the sort you still see hanging round Camden Market. As well as that, there was just an incredible amount of drag talent packed under one roof, with shows from Diamond Minx, Rosie Beaver, Johnny Bones and more, all followed by a foot-stomping pop playout until the early hours! We didn’t think we’d be able to go through a whole space-themed playlist review without using OUT OF THIS WORLD, but we did. Very proud of ourselves.

White Swan, 556 Commercial Road, E14 7JD

Photos by [HAWT!]Photography