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Qx Gay chat line

Our gay chat line offers live one to one chat by phone with hundreds of other genuine gay guys who are on the line right now.

Call the QX gay chat line direct from your mobile:


18+ Calls to 84466 cost 25p per minute and No Access Charge. No hidden extras.

Call the QX gay chat line direct from your land line phone:

Call 0871 908 9089

 18+ Calls to 0871 908 9089 cost 13p per min. + your network’s access charge. 


Information provided by Firststar Ltd. T/A QX magazine. Live calls recorded. SP= EWM. Helpdesk 0207 966 0018.

Private – Anonymous – Safe – Secure

  • Record a short introduction for other up for it guys to hear
  • Browse through other guys’ greetings 
  • Exchange private messages or chat in a private live 121 

SAVE £££££££££££´s

It is cheaper to dial QX gay phone chat on 84466 from your mobile, rather than dialling a number beginning with 0871. This is because when dialling 0871 from your mobile you pay a SERVICE CHARGE (for example the advertised 13p per minute) plus an ACCESS CHARGE (set by your phone company) . Calls to 84466 are capped at 25p per minute (this is the Service Charge) with NO ACCESS CHARGES. So no hidden extras.

SO SAVE £££££££££££´s

Tap to Chat 84466

18+ Calls cost 25p per minute. No access charge. No hidden extras.


***Our special introductory offer.***

Only 4p per minute with a credit/debit card

If you’ve got a credit card or debit card, then call QXCHAT and enjoy cheap rate calls, from both your mobile and landline.

Open a QX members’ Clubline account with £10 and get 250 minutes of QXChat worth £30!

Enjoy £20 worth of FREE chat

That’s ONLY 4p per minute! 


 CALL From a Mobile OR Landline  

The credit/debit card service is the cheapest, whether you call from a land line or a mobile phone because you access the service via a Freefone number.


0800 075 4545

18+ 0800 = Free form any UK network. Service provided by QX Magazine. Customer help desk number is 0207 966 0018




Here are the credit card service costs:

Open an account with £10. Get £20 worth free:

It costs 4p per minute when you open your account with £20 of free calls using your credit or debit card. That’s because when you open your account with £10, we’ll give you £20 worth of free call time, so you get 250 minutes of really cheap chat line minutes.

You can then choose to top up your chat line account with either £10, £20, £30 at a time.

£10 top up gets 83 minutes, which is 12p per minute:

A £10 top up gets you a further 83 minutes of fantastically cheap gay chat line time. That’s only 12p per minute.

£30 top up plus £10 worth of free calls:

If you choose the £30 top up we’ll give you an extra £10 of fabulous cheap gay chat line time for FREE!

Our cheap credit/debit card chat line works like any other once you’ve called the Freefone number and set up your account.

Join in the fun and call …

FREEFONE 0800 075 4545

18+ 0800 = Free from any UK network. Service provided by QX Magazine. Customer help desk number is 0207 966 0018

How the credit card services works

You’re given a PIN number so nobody else can access your account and use your chat time… so it’s very secure.

Once you’re on the system you can set up your voicemail message box so other qxmen who take a shine to you can leave you messages. 

You can leave a voice description of yourself telling other genuine gay guys something about yourself and what you’re into. 

Once you’re up and running you can cruise the messages of guys on line and if any of them take your fancy you can request a one-to-one live chat, which is when the fun really begins!

You can leave messages for guys you like the sound of, even if they are not on the line right there and then by simply leaving a message in their voicemail box, so they can get back to you later.

It’s great fun, and even if you don’t meet up you can still have a really good time chatting and flirting.

And don’t forget, the credit card service also has group chat so if you like to hang out in a gang … 

Call our friendly team to open your account now

FREEFONE 0800 075 4545

18+ 0800 = Free from any UK network. Service provided by QX Magazine. Customer help desk number is 0207 966 0018

or call the same service via our DISCREET ACCESS number. It looks like any other number.

 0207 966 9666 

18+ Service provided by QX Magazine. Customer helpdesk number is 0207 966 0018


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