03/06/12: “Would you be a judge for this year’s Drag Ball?” asked Eagle owner Mark Oakley. Before the words had even left his mouth I’d started working on my Simon Cowell scowl and planning my finest ‘talk to the hand’ gestures.

Horse Meat Disco’s sixth parade of tranny talent and drag faux pas took place over the Jubilee weekend in the guise of a Drag Ball, which I am assured by the HMD crew is different to a Vogue Ball – I couldn’t tell you said difference, they both feature a bunch of blokes dressed in full-on tranny fabulousness, and of course the odd drag monstrosity. (Honey, as long as I’ve got a supply of tequila and the stage is filled with a parade of a wigs and heels, I’m entertained.)

Eagle’s High Priestesses Miss Oakley and General Manager Simon Kilner were the first shock – sorry surprise! – of the evening with Mark an uncanny take on Divine and Simon a, ummm, ‘resplendent’ Jackie St Angleo. Nice work gals! 10 points for sheer ferocity in the draggage department.


Back to the show, and Luke Howard on hosting duties set the bar unattainably high as some sort of delightfully twisted humbug in his black & white get-up. Even Luke’s striking visage wasn’t enough to scare off Ma Butcher from crashing the stage on more than one occasion… before security had to intervene! What’s a Drag Ball without a tranny car crash live on stage? Werq, Ma Butcher! We love ya.

Back to the contest and the fine, the fierce and the downright freaky strutted their stuff with varying degrees of success, featuring clean sweeps of scores of “10” to a few paltry “3’s”. Worthy winners included The Royal Wave, and the buxom Britannia with top prize and overall winner going to Manchester lad Darren in Westwood! Another massive Horse Meat success.

Eagle London, 349 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, SE11
Words by Cliff Joannou

Photos by Mark Storey