Candy Slag in Drag at The Old Ship!

19/02/17: Still bouncing from a stint as Plonker in Sleeping Beauty and a Little Prick at Brighton’s Paganini Theatre, Jason Prince was back in his usual place (O, yes he was!) behind the decks of the Old Ship (he’s behind them! Ok, we’ll stop…) last Sunday evening to host and musically enliven one of the pub’s weekly celebrations of campness.

Also back to the east-end family fold was the Slag in Drag herself, Candy, rearing to enjoy life to the full in the company of some of her friends come to support her and soak in the warm and cozy welcome of the old boozer (and of the pub too…).

Those queer little soirées certainly offer a great way to bury the weekend and put off thinking about the working week to come for as long as possible.


If you’re lucky enough to have this gay institution as your local, we can only envy you. 


17 Barnes Street, E14 7NW

Words by Nicolas Chinardet

Photos by Zefrografica