Central Station – Friday 24th March, 2017

    Central Station

    The important thing is to take part, as most karaoke singers (and audience members) will know all too well. They certainly all lustily went for it at Central Station on Friday for Karaoke night and the usual suspects (Michael Jackson, Blur, Queen, etc) were dutifully summoned. There were solos, duos and even quartets, and as you would expect some performances were more melodious than others but all were received with cheers and supportive applause by the friendly crowd gathered in the venerable establishment. Chris Reardon was hosting the night, managing performers and their requests, telling jokes, shaking his tambourine, crashing his cymbals and even giving the audience a song or two. A fun and relaxed way to gently ease in the weekend with friends, known or unknown.

    37 Wharfdale Road, N1 9SD

    Words by Nicolas Chinardet

    Photos by Zefrographica