Circa – Saturday 11th March, 2017


    Circa really is a little gem of a Soho venue, it’s literally a treasure. You could turn up on any given night and have a great time, so we went down to see what was happening last Saturday and it didn’t disappoint us. The venue is great, it feels like four microcosms of your favourite clubs packed into one, each with their own reason for being our favourite. The dancefloor, however, is where the action happens and with good reason. Adam Turner and James John were spinning for us all night long in what can only be described as the trippiest DJ booth in existence. It’s a bit like a mirror ball, spaceship ready to fly at a moment’s notice. Adam and James supplied us with the best commercial anthems and classics. Enough to keep us going until small hours of the morning and then some! Circa, we love it.

    62 Frith Street, Soho, W1D 3JN

    Words by Cé Ó Coileáin

    Photos by Luxxxer