Drag Brunch

    16/02/19: Just when you thought brunch couldn’t get any GAYER, here cometh the Drag Brunch! We’re just obsessed with getting our eggs with a side of bubbly and a pair of fake lashes. SO GOOD. We were at the mercy of Dolly Trolley on Saturday who really turned the party, and made sure we were getting the most of that bottomless Prosecco. Having said that, there’s no such thing as a bottom-less brunch if we’re at the table HONEY. Bad joke… The bubbly was so damn good that we were walking the streets of London absolutely STEAMING at 4:30 pm. We can say that stopping by a Tesco on the way home was an EXPERIENCE. Have you ever tried doing the weekly shop blind drunk? It’s not the one. Guess we’re eating Doritos for every dinner this week.

    The Fence, 67-69 Cowcross Street, Farringdon EC1M 8BP

    Photos by Zefrographica