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G-A-Y Bar

01/12/13: What better way to help raise money for a number of HIV-focused charities than to head into the city’s gay village and get totally legless?

Whoever said “charity starts at home” was just doing it wrong. We started our bar crawl (and yes, we were crawling by the end of it) at G-A-Y Bar where a rapid testing station had set up camp outside and people were encouraged to know their status.

The idea being that if everybody gets tested, we can help stop spreading the virus by unknowingly passing it on.

And if that wasn’t encouragement itself, they also sweetened the deal with a £1,000 prize for one of the lucky people tested.     It must have been some incentive because flocks of boys came and got tested throughout the day; in fact, we hadn’t seen this many gays in a portamobile since Matt Lucas went to Mardi Gras in a winnebago.

Anyway, what’s a little pain for a good cause? Most gays get bigger pricks on the weekend. Oh, and speaking of pricks we were glad to see that they had boycotted screening James Arthur on X Factor, too!

And what with raising a total of over £10,000 we take our hats off to G-A-Y for raising a whopping £230,343.56 for the Elton John AIDS Foundation to date!

30 Old Compton Street , Soho, W1D 4UR
Words by Anthony Gilét
Photos by Joel Ryder

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