George and Dragon

    31/08/18: We don’t tend to enjoy an anniversary party, that’s probably because it’s usually your parents getting awfully touchy-feely and your aunt getting way too drunk. THIS anniversary party had us playing the role of drunk aunt, and we were touchy-feeling ourselves. George & Dragon was 20 years old and like any 20 year old, we were all feeling mischievous and drank a LOT. Hazell Dean had us bopping and jiving with her killer performance form the glitter-stage. This bar’s latest face-lift renovation has done wonders and it’s very much our South-East go-to! Especially now that we’ve got chatting to the cute boys behind the bar there, we’ll be over for a beer and an eyelash flutter soon enough.

    2 Blackheath Hill, SE10 8DE

    Photos by Chris Jepson