Glory Lates

01/10/16: However impossible this may seem, the Glory had ramped up the campness to maximum row-of-tent-ness on Saturday for one of their infamous Glory Lates.

Those rising-stars of the east-London drag firmament, Polly Amourous and Miss Craig, had been allowed to go glitterballs-deep and forcefully take the Hole over (in the basement) for a full-on drag show of lip-synching madness and inane banter.

For this trashiest of occasions the place had been turned into some decadent cabaret speak-easy with tables and chairs and an improvised stage, while Aaron Manhattan was on hand to provide some welcome musical respite to both the performers and the audience.

Further aural pleasuring was provided in the main bar by the legendary Princess Julia herself, who deftly created a more mellow atmosphere with her dulcet beats. As ever the place was packed to the rafters with some of Faggerston’s finest sensitive boys, with a sprinkling of decisive girls and a few ambiguous in-betweens.


It was an evening of contrast and marvel infused with fabulousness, the likes of which you will probably only find at the Glory.

The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS

Words by Nicolas Chinardet

Photos by Zefrografica