23/03/13: This weekend we decided to reignite our relationship with two our loves; Ku Bar and rosé. It’s been a while since we visited Ku Bar on a Saturday night, so we popped by this weekend to check that everything was running as well as ever (and that the bar boys were still half-naked).

And seeing as the last time we’d got licked up on wine, we decorated ourselves with a Big Mac while talking to the fittest boy – it’d been a while since we indulged in that too.

When we got to Ku, unfortunately the bar staff had their tops on, but after seeing them with underwear half off their asses in last week’s QX we couldn’t really complain that they were being prudish. Like always the clientele was cute and lively, and we were more than happy to give a master class in body shots, (drop me a tweet and I’ll demonstrate).

The good thing about Ku, is while it’s great for pre-drinking, you only have to head to the basement for a club too. So by the time the third bottle of wine kicked in we were definitely in need of a bump and grind. Downstairs, things were getting live!


We were living for the latest club/chart hits brought by DJ Doug and DJ Thanos. And when we woke up surrounded by greasy brown bags it seemed we’d reignited our relationship with 3am McDonald’s. Glam.

30 Lisle Street, Chinatown,  WC2H 7BA
Words by Anthony Gilét
Photos by Joel Ryder