Ku Bar

    27/10/18: The circus was in town this weekend, darling. We’ve always loved the circus, you know. The acrobatics, the popcorn, sitting under a big top… The cute boys behind the bar at Ku tried their best to terrify in their killer clown regalia, but how could they! They could head out covered in blood and guts and we’d still swoon. Ironically it ended up being us who acted the clown on Saturday night when, after a few too many gin and tonics, we took to the dace floor of the Klub like that girl in Flashdance. Waving arms and wearing imaginary leg warmers, we were feeling our eighties dance school fantasy. We really understood why they went with a circus theme on Sunday morning when we woke up with an elephant of a hangover. ROUGH.

    30 Lisle Street, WC2H 7BA

    Photos by Mark Storey