Ku Bar

    30/03/19: Abs for DAYS. Saturday night had us torn up! We always have that inner conflict thing that happens when the bar staff are the hottest people at the joint when we’re at Ku Bar. That’s not to say that the crowd wasn’t hot (we were there so OF COURSE, the crowd was also super cute), but the bar boys at Ku just have it all out there. We can’t help but make eye contact when licking up the salt for our tequila shots. WHEN will they be offering navel shots is what we want to know. We ended up sauntering down to the Klub after that one drink too many, and remembered how popping it always is! It only took one dramatic hair-flip for us to find a gang to dance away with.

    Ku Bar, 30 Lisle St, Leicester Square, WC2H 7BA

    Photos by Zefrographica

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