01/02/13: One of the places we ended up on Friday was Ku Bar, Lisle Street.

Yet again it was a blur of the three floors, gradually getting lower and lower (in so many ways) until we ended up in Ku Klub. It’s no secret that we like to hit the town hard on Friday after a long old working week. Look out Soho; it’s when inhibitions go out the window and we drink more than we did the previous Friday, embarrassing ourselves twice as much.

Sounds great right? It is! So with a list of people coming out longer than the list of cocktails we were going to down, we went on a crawl around Soho, and by the end of the night we were literally crawling.

For some of us that was crawling home, and for others it was into another man’s bed – losing an iPhone charger in the process! But for the majority of the hazy bit in the middle of all this, we just can’t get enough of the cheap drinks, hot boys and fantastic pop tunes that Ku Bar never fails to serve us until we go cross eyed.


The super spinners were hitting all the right spots, the crowd was up-for-it and our weekend started on the perfect note. God bless you, Ku!

30 Lisle Street, Chinatown, WC2H 7BA
Words by Darren Palfrey
Photos by Joel-Ryder.com