Lipsync1000 Heat 1

15/02/17: Well, well, well! Lipsync1000 has officially KICKED OFF at The Glory! And what a kick-off it was!

There were FOUR celebrity guest judges; Ben Henry, who writes those Buzzfeed quizzes about whether you’d rather have sex with a pork pie or Ivanka Trump; ethereal rat queen Rodent Decay; football fan Chris Godfrey; and someone called Dylan Jones from a fag rag.

The competition was fierce and FIERCE. One of our faves was Stephen, who did a frankly unhinged Madonna lipsync in a dog cage. Then there was an epic Catwoman-inspired, whip-cracking act who did some very impressive things with shotglasses of milk (“she’s actually risking her life tonight, because she’s lactose intolerant!” cackled Jonny Woo).


But in the end the winners were Just V, who did a roof-raising turn with Fergalicious. Fergalicious is always a winner.

And Bimini-Bon Boulash, who “TURNT” (that’s what the kids are saying “TURNT” it out with an unsettling and brilliant turn as Kellyann Conway. Ha! IT’S ONLY JUST BEGINNING. THERE’S WEEKS MORE TO COME. Gird your loins, Haggerston.


The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS

Words by Dylan Jones

Photos by Nicolas Chinardet