The Glory’s: Garden Of Eden Party

27/05/16: ‘The Glory have decided to encrust their interior with mad neon paint and plastic foliage. It’s like a…NEON JUNGLE!

#IGotThatRippedJeansCigarette. Why? For absolutely no discernible reason. It’s like they gave Charlie Dimmock a tab of acid and let her loose with a paintbrush and stencil kit. But that’s what we love most about The Glory. Keeping things fresh! Having the same interior décor from one week to the next is SO 2015.

On Friday night it was their Garden Of Eden party, with A Man To Pet and John Sizzle as Eve’s hedonistic transvestite sisters.

We’re not sure where Adam was. Probably at the Chariots squat party. They spun around lipsyncing to ABBA in metallic turquoise capes, making full usage of performer tricks of the trade like FACIAL EXPRESSIONS and CACKLING.


I honestly can’t think of a way I’d rather spend my Friday night: In The Glory, nursing a double vodka diet coke, watching John Sizzle and A Man To Pet dance around a floor fan, in a mise-en-scene of paint and plastic peonies. Cestial! Salacious! Sambucca!

The East London scene favourites were out in force. We said hi to tattooed Princess of Darkness Ray Noir (we’ve heard he’s invisible in mirrors – and in Vauxhall) and bohemian bitch Shay Shay was on the door too, looking gawj. As John Sizzle said, “it’s like Elizabeth Hurley’s bathroom in here!” And Elizabeth Hurley’s bathroom is the definition of a good night out. For anyone. Except Hugh Grant.

The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS

Words by Dylan Jones

Photos by Mark Storey

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