West 5

25/07/15:  West 5 is seventeen years old? Well I never. This was going to be a fun day and night, lined up were twenty of the most popular acts London has to offer, including Sandra, Rose Garden, Mary Mac, Diane Horan Hill, Martha D’Arthur, Baga Chipz and more, all gearing up to entertain and have a blast.

Out front there was even a Routemaster bus for the talent to change in! What a great idea. West 5 was packed with the usual suspects running amok, plus some uber sexy totty. Where did these hotties come from? The QX camera was loving them, snapping away whilst having a great laugh with the punters.

We caught some of the few acts as they hit the stage; Rose, Baga, Martha, Sandra. All amazing as always; crass, sassy, vulgar and fabulous! Just the way we like ‘em. The lovely Vanity Von Glow was in the Piano Lounge singing some jazzy tunes too! So, all in all, a great birthday for West 5.

Next year they hit eighteen, officially an adult. See you then, I want some cake though next time!


West 5, Popes Lane, W5 4NB
Words and Photos by Mark Storey