West 5 presents AAA GIRLS

17/10/15: All tea, all shade HUNTIES! Last Friday saw yet another visit from not one but three RuPaul’s Drag Race superstars.

Any of you that follow Drag Race all know how addictive it is and what a cult following it has. West 5 has been one of the only venues in London to host the girls from the show, week after week. This time it was the turn of the AAA Girls (American Apparel Ad Girls) – Courtney Act, Alaska and Willam.

We went in expecting chaos and that is pretty much what we got, on an epic scale, from stage invasions by fans to Alaska’s party anthem ‘ANAL’, we were lucky enough to get time from each one and all three girls didn’t disappoint.

With hosting by Mary Mac keeping the show in check, we had an amazing night. Make sure you check out the next show, featuring LaGanja Estranga and Gia Gunn of Team TooMuch.


Popes Lane, South Ealing, W5 4NT
Words by Steve Gregory
Photos by Mark Storey

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