Circa The Club

09/02/19: Skinny pretty boys are all the rage right now, from the sleep-deprived Timothée Chalamet to the sallow crowds running around the place during London fashion week. Once and a while we’re into that, throwing on our Versace knock-off shirt and sauntering down in a pair of skinny jeans to Circa the Club. That’s what we got up to on Saturday, and we’re so damn glad we did. For a night we pretended to be one of the pretty people. Sure, we’ve been stuffing our faces with those vegan sausage rolls twice a day since they came out, but that wasn’t going to stop us. We were determined to give that Bellend Hadid a run for her money. Tiny glasses ON, cheeks sucked IN and collar bones OUT.

Hungerford House, Victoria Embankment, WC2N 6PA

Photos by Nicolas Chinardet

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