Circa The Club – New Year’s Eve

31/12/18: Whatever any club promised for their New Year line up, we’re sure none could promise this wild a view of the country’s biggest display. We felt more than a little smug running out for the fab view of the pyrotechnics outside Circa, having passes crowds of freezing families who stayed out all evening for a glimpse of them. Oh well, sucks to be you. We got to be one of the pretty people partying the night away at Circa The Club, where it felt that you had to be THIS attractive to ride this rollercoaster. The only problem was that damned reflective DJ booth, reminding us of that we’re nowhere near to being the 10’s that filled the place. Oh well, we can dream. Still managed to score a midnight kiss with one of the guys pictured… you guess which one.

Hungerford House, Victoria Embankment WC2N 6PA

Photos by Zefrogaphiga




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