Lady Olé

23/06/18: WOOP-AH! Lady Olé is always, as Danny Dyer would say, a RIGHT OLE LAUGH, and last weekend’s celebrations were no different. There were feather boas for days and eye make-up for WEEK’S (it probably actually will take weeks to get off) and all in all it was just a fabulous, colourful mess. There were loads and loads of floral and tropical print shirts, PARTICULARLY pink-on-black floral and tropical print shirts. Evidently, that’s the shirt du jour. Or rather, del dia. It was at Archway’s Club Kolis, which is actually a great, roomy space with a really fun, glitterhole feel. Pop down to the next one if you fancy something a bit different!

Club Kolis, N19 3TD

Photos by FD Photo

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