01/02/19: There’s something about a drag brawl that has us slipping and sliding in ecstasy, especially after a hard week at the office. It’s like the opposite of a long relaxing shoulder rub, but has the same effect. How damned adorable are the crew behind the bar though? That all we could think about when waiting for our fifth pint of the night, and by the ninth we were damn near in love. The one on the far right was our fave, giving us a cheeky wink every time we sauntered on over. We found out his name was Tobias, so if you’re reading this, hit us up handsome. We were obsessed with the drag creatures that were lurking around the joint, with Grace Shush looking damn alluring in royal blue. Those Glory favourites always manage to put the ‘drag’ in bedraggled in the best way possible.

The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, Haggerston, E2 8AS

Photos by [HAWT!] Photography