WE Party Gym

1/1/19: We felt there was only one way to cure our NYE hangover, and that was with a wild New Year’s Day. Sauntering down to the vaudevillian setting of The Grand, we weren’t quite prepared for the madness that was about to go down. It was just a one sea of abs and pecks, all squeezed into fetching 80’s singlets. We got down and damn bloody dirty against a big Spaniard to the popping of Sebastien Triumph, before making moves on a Frenchman. We can’t wait to see what WE do in ’19. This Party Gym really worked us out and had us sweating, and after some after-party action at Orange, we may have done some squatting… if you catch our drift.

The Grand, 21-15 St John’s Hill, Clapham SW11 1TT

Photos by Mark Storey